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Pirates from The Pagemaster

The Pirates

The Pirates are the secondary antagonists of 20th Century Fox's 1994 animated film The Pagemaster. They are led by Long John Silver.

Long John Silver was voiced by Jim Cummings, Tom Morgan was voiced by the late Phil Hartman, and George Merry was voiced by the late Ed Gilbert. Whereas the other pirates are all voiced by the late Richard Erdman, Fernando Escandon, Dorian Harewood, Robert Picardo, and Jeff Bennett.


In the Adventure section of the film, Richard and Adventure were shipwrecked and picked up by the Hispaniola, captained by Long John Silver. Jim is forced to serve as the cabin boy, filling the role of Jim Hawkins in the novel. As in the original book, the pirates go to Treasure Island, but find no treasure, nearly causing a mutiny. Fantasy and Horror return and defeat the pirates. Silver initially attempts to take Richard with him, but surrenders when Richard threatens him with a sword. Silver sails away and has never been seen again, much as he does in the novel.


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Pirates from The Pagemaster

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