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Piro is the villainous main protagonist of the infamous Italian video game and Doom mod Grezzo Due. He is a sadistic and Satanic mass murderer who takes pleasure in murdering those of the Christian faith.


The game starts with Piro entering a church and murdering everyone inside, including innocent people and priests. After enough damage is done, a figure of Jesus Christ appears and tries to stop him but fails and is killed as well by Piro's demonic powers. Shortly after, he kidnaps a young foreign girl, rapes her, mutilates her and leaves her body in "his" apartment. Inside the apartment, he brutally kills some animals and two people he also had kidnapped.

He then has a heart attack and goes to Heaven in order to be judged by God himself. However, even in Heaven, he manages to cause mayhem, as he violently murders other souls and angels. Not liking the punishment God gave to him, Piro kills God (though this action can be determinant to the player) and revives in a zombie-infested cemetery, where he kills several monsters, sacrifices poor victims to Sandra and Raimondo and has a party with Virgin Mary.

He eventually returns to the living world only to discover an apocalyptic scenario with zombies everywhere. He finds a motorcycle and goes to nearby carnival, murdering everyone and everything inside, and after having some fun, he picks a train and goes home, but obviously murdering everyone inside the train in the process. After causing enough chaos in his town, he picks another train and stabs himself with a knife, killing him and finally ending his carnage.

Powers and Abilities

Aside from having an arsenal of powerful guns, Piro also displays some godlike powers in his journey.

  • Teleportation: Piro can sometimes randomly teleport to different places.
  • Superhuman Strength: Piro can easily kill from simple humans, to demons and cosmic entities with his melee strikes, being able to even absolutely destroy their bodies on the process.
  • Superhuman Durability: Scales to his strength, he can survive attacks from demons, angels, gods, and other creatures that would disintegrate any normal human being with as single attack.
  • Superhuman Speed: He can outrun missiles on foot, and he can react to light speed attacks.
  • Shapeshifting: Piro can shapeshift into a demonic werewolf-like monster when he touches a pentagram, he can use this power during the battle against Jesus Christ.
  • Flight: While in Heaven, Piro can fly when touching a certain icon, he can use this power during the battle against God.
  • Resurrection: After killing or escaping from God, Piro managed to resurrect in a cemetery.
  • Voodoo: One of Piro's most powerful powers and importance, while holding a Voodoo doll, Piro can instantly kill his enemies by simply waving his hand or torture his victims by stabbing the doll.
  • Time-Travel: In other versions of the game, Piro used this power to abort Jesus Christ in order to destroy the Christian religion.


Almost every kill is determinant to the player, but judging on how dangerous Piro actually is, it is most likely that every animal, person or entity he murders is canon to the game.

  • An entire city population
  • An entire horde of zombies and various monsters
  • Several famous Italian people
  • Several animals
  • A girl he had raped
  • Two men he had kidnapped
  • IT
  • Several souls in heaven
  • Several angels
  • Several demons
  • Jesus Christ
  • God
  • Pope John Paul ll
  • Countless others


  • Piro's full name could be Nicola Piro, the same name of the game's creator.
  • Piro is regarded as the most depraved and offensive character in the Doom world.
  • Piro's sprite in the game was taken from the enemy known as Billy Ray Jeeter from the Redneck Rampage videogame.