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A Very Important Note: This Page is not about Pit himself, It's about the soulless body of Pit when the real Pit was stuck in The Ring of Chaos.

Pit's Soulless Body

Pit's Body is a minor villain in the video game; Kid Icarus Uprising. This version of Pit has no soul, and is being manipluated by Palutena, via the Chaos Kin.


After Pit managed to wipe out the Aurum, something went horribly wrong. Pit ended up blacking out for awhile. When he woke up, he found out he somehow was turned into a ring, or rather, his soul was transfered into a ring. After traveling to the nearest town, (while pocessing a little girl, and then a dog,) he saw army of Centurions, attacking something in that town. When he got a little further, he found himself (, or rather his body,) destroying everything in sight. Shortly after that, Pit encountered Magnus fighting a small army of Centurions. Pit, as a dog, begged Magnus to put on the ring, which Magnus eventually did. When Magnus found out that Pit's soul was in the ring, he told Pit that three years have gone by since the Aurum were defeated. He also stated that Pit and the other members of Skyworld army, including Palutena disappeared without a trace. When they returned, they went crazy and attacked the earth.

Pit wanted to get to Skyworld to ask why Palutena was doing all this, but in order to do that, both Pit and Magnus had to defeat the souless body of Pit. When Magnus managed to reach Pit's Soulless Body, Pit's Body immediately attacked them. After a lengthy battle, Magnus and Pit managed to defeat the Soulless body of Pit. With Pit's Body defeated, Magnus placed the Ring of Chaos on the Body's finger. With that, Pit's soul was placed into his body, granting him full control of his body.



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