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The Pit Boss is a powerful villain from "Biker Mice From Mars" who rules over a hidden underground world beneath a Rump Mini-Mart, being sufficiently evil that even the former arch-nemesis of the Biker Mice (Limburger) is reduced to a mere lacky in his presence.

When it came to appearance Pit Boss was far from the most impressive of villains, resembling a "trailer trash" stereotype with a strange almost Frankenstein-like stitch across his forehead: however he was incredibly strong and durable with a talent for utilzing a dangerous whip.

Pit Boss thought of himself as an all-powerful ruler and indeed was treated as such by his servants, the only person who seemed to have any influence over Pit Boss was his rather unattractive but otherwise benevolent daughter: she is also the only person Pit Boss shows any form of kindness to, suggesting that although a ruthless criminal he is at least somewhat of a caring father.

However this small trait is hardly enough to redeem Pit Boss as he delighted in mayhem and was even willing to detonate a large supply of explosives in an effort to kill the Biker Mice - due to the presence of several Claw Troopers in the Pits he was very likely one of the many allies of the Catatonians.

Pit Boss was voiced by the late Stu Rosen.

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