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The Pixie Dusters are supporting antagonists of Pixar's 22nd full-length animated film Onward. They are a group of hostile motorcycle fairies commanded by their leader Dewdrop.


The Pixie Dusters are first seen parking their motorcycles in the Swamp Gas area, where they attack an innocent customer who didn't know them, causing him to drop his soda. As Ian, Barley, and their father walk in, Pixie Dusters swarm the retail market. When Ian notices Dewdrop speaking angrily to his late father, the elf brothers and their father manage to escape after paying the shopkeeper to avoid a fight.

Meanwhile, Barley argues with Dewdrop about the Pixie Dusters' inability to fly but Ian quickly grabs Barley and rushes to leave just as Ian and Barley's father falls onto the Pixie Dusters' motorcycles, which causes the Pixie Dusters to become enraged and start chasing the children down the road.

During the chase, the Pixie Dusters crash into sand barrels, causing them to fly again as the elf brothers and their father escape from the Pixie Dusters.

Later, as Laurel and Corey search for the boys, a Pixie is seen crashing through the windshield, surprising Laurel and Corey along with Colt, which also causes them to crash their truck. Afterwards, a group of Pixie Dusters arrive towards the injured member as they retreat to heal the injured sprite.

At the end of the film, the Pixie Dusters are seen playing darts in the reopened Manticore Tavern.



  • Although the Pixie Dusters are dangerous, they care about each other, and their only evil action is trying to take down Ian, Barley, and their father for accidentally knocking over their motorcycles.


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