Pixy Misa

Pixy Misa

Pixy Misa is Misao Amano's dark and magical alter ego and an antagonist in Magical Girl Pretty Sammy and Magical Project S. As Misao happens to be hypnotized, she has no idea what she did as Misa.


Misao Amano is Sasami's best friend. They've been best friends after Sasami helps Misao walk to the nurse's office. Ever since, she led a normal life with Sasami.

All that is going to changed when Ramia picked her to be Pretty Sammy's rival in trying to outwit Sammy and become Queen of Juraihelm.

In episode 19 of Magical Project S, Misao ended up discovering her alter ego and, at the same time, Sasami is Sammy. Feeling guilty of her actions, she runs away from home with nowhere else to go. Just then, Misao begins to transform into Misa without hypnotism, resembling in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where Jekyll turns into Hyde without the potion. Sammy goes into her mind to learn that Misao's condition is worsened by bossing her around. When Sammy tells her that she still loves her if she stays as Misa forever, Misao is rescued and she and Sammy worked together to get rid of Ramia's magic in her mind, giving peace to her mind and Misa.

Since then, Misao has become free-spirited and active in most of the activities. However, when Romio is causing chaos, she becomes Misa to help Sammy.


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