I was sick and tired of delivering pizza for a mere seven quid! So I discovered that once I bring the princess to the top of this tower, I shall receive a vast treasure.
~ Pizza Guy

The Pizza Guy is an unnamed pizza delivery guy and the main antagonist of Eddsworld flash Bendee 8. In opposite of the usual stickman characters from Eddsworld flashes, the Pizza Guy is an ugly man with ginger hair.


The Pizza Guy used to deliver pizzas. His last known customer is Bendee Stick. However, the Guy hates his job because he gets paid only seven quid for one pizza, so he kidnaps Princess Zarah and imprisons her in the tower on the other side of Demmerwhales Hills to get some money.

However, someone calls Bendee meanwhile to tell him about the princess. Bendee finds a sword that is hidden in his couch and comes to the tower. After entering it, he must defeat Dr. Decapi. Bendee then enters the chamber and surprisingly find out it is the Pizza Guy who kidnapped the princess.

He tells Bendee about his plan and also claims that no weapon can harm his magical exterior. Bendee then grabs the sword and the battle begins. Unfortunately, the next part of the video wasn't published so we don't know how their fight ends. Bendee probably defeats the Guy and saves the princess.


  • As the whole flash is a parody to The Legend of Zelda series, the Pizza Guy might be a parody of Ganon and Princess Zarah a parody of Princess Zelda.
  • Dr. Decapi seems to be the Pizza Guy's henchman in the flash. This is in opposite of his usual appearance as the big bad and leader of other villains.


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