An acolyte of Pestilence who spreads disease among the Town.
~ The summary of the Plaguebearer.

The Plaguebearer is one of the evil roles from the mystery RPG game Town of Salem.


Official Backstory

Screams rang through the cold night and the Doctor burst out of his house, barely just grabbing his medical kit as he raced along the streets. Arriving at the source of unrest, he discovered a young boy, lying down, coughing and sobbing. Instinct made the Doctor cover his face with his trusty surgical mask, and he was right in doing so. A closer inspection revealed the alarming truth. The red rash, the hacking coughs, and the huge black boils that had risen on the pale skin… this boy had the plague.

The Doctor should have been scared, worried, horrified, he knew this, but instead, he felt... fascination. How quickly could this disease spread, how many people could it kill? Hastily he took a sample, and commanded the boy’s family to be quarantined. Then, he hurried home to test this intriguing sample further. A week, and the Doctor finally held the result he was looking for. All he had to do was drop the solution on the path outside everyone’s houses, and the fumes would infect everyone who ventured there. He started to question himself, but then he remembered the other Doctor who always took the credit for himself, the Investigator who always snooped inside his house, the Jailor who roughly threw him in a cramped jail cell, and he felt better.

Inhaling the sweet scents of the herbs he put in his mask, the Plaguebearer infected person after person, using his dark robes to blend into the night. On the fateful night that the plague spread to everyone in the Town, the evil Doctor realized his power. As the moon was concealed under rolling grey clouds and the panicked screams rose from the town, Pestilence, Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, laughed so hard that tears rolled off his mask.

~ The backstory of the Plaguebearer.

Town of Salem

The Plaguebearer chooses a person to infect them with the plague in the night. The infected people can infect the others via visiting them. The infected people will don't know that they are infected. When all living people get infected, the Plaguebearer becomes the Pestilence.

Winning Conditions

It is possible that Plaguebearer's victory before becoming the Pestilence. This occurs when the Plaguebearer is the only independent faction that has won the game when all others have died, and has not yet infected everyone.

Death Conditions

The Plaguebearer has the basic defense, they can not be killed by the roles that have basic attack.

Investigation Results

  • Sheriff: "You cannot find evidence of wrongdoing. Your target seems innocent."
  • Investigator: "Your target could be a Investigator, Consigliere, Mayor, Tracker, or Plaguebearer."
  • Consigliere: "Your target is a carrier of disease. They must be the Plaguebearer."


There are some achievements that can be earned by perform tasks. They are the achievements that dedicated to the Plaguebearer;

  • Diseased: Win 1 game.
  • Infectious: Win 5 games.
  • Virulent: Win 10 games.
  • Pestilent: Win 25 games.
  • A Virulent Plague: Have all the living people infected on day 5.



  • Plaguebearer is a former doctor.


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