The Planet Jackers are a pair of aliens who appear as antagonists in the Invader Zim episode "Planet Jackers". Their homeworld orbits a dying sun, so they throw planets into it to keep it lit.


The Planet Jackers at some point marked Earth for conquest and captured the planet, encasing it in a dome projecting a night sky so its inhabitants wouldn't suspect anything.

However, Zim figured out what they were doing and, not wanting someone else to be responsible for the destruction of Earth, went to confront the two aliens piloting the ship that was pulling the planet. Zim stated that he had gotten to the planet first, and reminded the two of a treaty between the Irken Empire and the Planet Jackers that stated that no Planet Jacker could destroy a planet marked for conquest by the Irkens. However, one of the Jackers pointed out that the Irkens had not officially marked Earth for conquest and continued to pull the planet.

After attempts to negotiate failed, Zim attempted to fight the Jackers but was beaten back by the larger one. However, Zim resolved to distract them while one of his devices destroyed the shell containing Earth. This plan succeeded, and Zim saved the Earth from being destroyed, unbeknownst to the Planet Jackers, who continued to tug along what remained of the shell.


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