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Planetina is an anti-villainous antagonist in Rick and Morty, first appearing in the Season 5 episode "A Rickconvenient Mort".

She is voiced by Alison Brie, who also portrayed Alissa Barrow in Get Hard.


Planetina was initially a humanoid being that was brought to life through the use of magical rings by a group of teenagers called the Tina-teers. However, as they got older, they began to use her as a product for advertising rather than seeing her as a person. After she stops an attack by the nefarious Diesel Weasel, Morty falls for her and goes to see her when she was putting an end to a large forest fire. From there, Planetina also began to develop feelings for Morty, but she was to be sold to a shady businessman by the Tina-teers.

Morty intervenes and kills all of them before freeing Planetina and taking her home to live with him and his family. Beth is at first unsettled due to Planetina being older than Morty, but Morty escapes with Planetina against Beth's wishes. They start out performing harmless deeds like generating wind energy, but Planetina begins escalating her ecoactivism, slashing tires and eventually she became a full-fledged terrorist and goes on a rampage. When she and Morty confront miners, Planetina sets the mines on fire killing hundreds of them much to Morty's horror.

Sometime later, Morty is returned home and at first ignores Planetina's text messages. Seeing that she was floating outside his window, he wants her to leave for killing the mine workers. She tries and fails to get Morty to reconsider by pointing out that he killed "her children", and she tearfully leaves heartbroken realizing he won’t love her, but refusing to reconsider her extremist views.




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