The storm isn't big enough yet! Bring out the typhoon!
~ Plank, yelling at Queen Emmaline to bring the typhoon.

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Plank is the third hidden antagonist of the Sofia the First special "The Floating Palace". He is a misanthropic merman who has a hatred of humans. He is the chief advisor to Queen Emmaline.


He and King Triton are capable of destroying humans. However, he is the assistant of Queen Emmaline who tries to remove the floating palace on the cove.


Plank is very despicable towards Sofia, believing that sea monsters are fake. He hires Queen Emmaline to create a storm to destroy the vessel and to return Oona at once before sunset.

While trying to find Oona, he and the queen reach the surface. Plank yells out to bring the typhoon to tear down the vessel. However, it was Sven and his army of seahorses who took it. This angered him and the queen to get back the trident in order to make a typhoon.

Princess Cora convinced him that everyone was wrong about being misanthropic. He and the other mermen and mermaids are welcome to Sofia's royal family.


  • Plank is voiced by Phil Morris.

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