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The story of Plankton from Spongebob SquarePants.


Before the events of the series, Sheldon J. Plankton was born on the same day as Mr. Krabs where both the two would later meet each as babies.

During his childhood with him, Both Plankton and Krabs were considered outcasts by the other kids, most notably a school group led by Billy because Krabs was poor and Plankton was already very intelligent, which earned him the image of a nerd. When they discovered that money could bring them out of their poverty, they decided to make money selling hamburger patties and set up a mini-restaurant in the local dump.

Plankton vowing revenge on Krabs

At first, their burgers were not successful; the first of their patties were tried by Old Man Jenkins, who was knocked out by the contaminated burger. Plankton started complaining about how Jenkins had been old and not able to handle the patty. Offended by this, Krabs tried to take the recipe from Plankton to improve upon. Plankton wanted to do this himself and both he and Krabs argued, but he only ended up with the corner of the recipe, which read: "And a pinch of chum." Plankton stormed out of the restaurant and went to create his recipe, using only his memory, the corner of the recipe, and science. At school, Plankton tried to sell his chumburgers in a chum bucket and failed, while Krabs succeeded with his Krabby Patties, which he had created by accident when Plankton had forcefully slammed the door. Ingredients fell in the patty batter, thus creating the patty. Plankton later named his restaurant the Chum Bucket, after the secret ingredient of the original unsuccessful patty recipe. Mr. Krabs named his restaurant the Krusty Krab, after himself.

To this very day, Plankton has been single-mindedly obsessed with obtaining the Krabby Patty formula and running the Krusty Krab out of business. He often goes to incredible and quite ridiculous lengths to do so. In "SpongeBob's Last Stand," for example, he builds a massive highway that goes straight through Jellyfish Fields and over the Krusty Krab, leading right to his restaurant.


Plankton constantly attempts to steal the formula for the Krabby Patty, the delicious burgers that are sold in the Krusty Krab. Plankton believes that the Krabby Patty is the reason for the Krusty Krabs' success and that his Chum Bucket would be equally popular if it sold the Patties as well. However, ensuring the success of his business is only the first step in Plankton's plan, which will culminate in him ruling the ocean.

For the post-movie events, Plankton does find alternate means to achieve success, but only temporarily. His schemes also vary regarding their threat level. Sometimes they are harmless; other times they put others including Plankton himself in danger.

Season 1

Plankton first appears in "Plankton", when he was trying to steal the Krabby Patty Formula as the latter uses a plate to fling him back to the Chum. Mr. Krabs explains to SpongeBob Plankton uses mind control to obtain the Krabby Patty formula Bucket. that Plankton is his arch-competitor, and has been trying to steal the Krabby Patties secret formula for years.

Later at that night, after the Krusty Krab closes, Plankton tries to convince SpongeBob, that he and the fry cook are friends, and that SpongeBob should come to Plankton's birthday, as if it is supposedly the following day. Plankton says that friends give each other things. Plankton asks SpongeBob what he thinks he'd like for a birthday present, and SpongeBob then guesses a booster seat, as Plankton is very happy with that proposition, but then refuses. Plankton tells SpongeBob that, for his birthday, he wanted to give him a Krabby Patty. SpongeBob loudly and boldly refuses and runs back home, but Plankton promises that SpongeBob will "hand deliver it to (him) personally."

Later that night, Plankton enters SpongeBob's head through a pore and makes his way through SpongeBob's brain. He attaches a mind control device to the brain and bends SpongeBob down to his will, as he forces him into walking at the Krusty Krab by getting a Krabby Patty, and then bring it to the Chum Bucket's Laboratory. He brings it to an analyzer, which is designed to figure out the ingredients of whatever is dropped into it. As Plankton gloats over his victory and begins to force SpongeBob to drop the Krabby Patty, SpongeBob laments his failure as he lovingly describing the Krabby Patty's ingredients and succulence (which is ironically revealing the Secret Formula). A hungry Plankton then leaps out of SpongeBob's head and onto the Krabby Patty, but bounces out of it and falls into the analyzer, thus trapping him inside his computer screen as SpongeBob walks home with the Krabby Patty in hand.

Plankton appears in "Culture Shock", where he pretends to be "The Amazing Plankton" by using magic as he turns his wand into flowers and throws the flowers aside as he asks a volunteer from the audience as a customer gives him a krabby patty which Plankton then escapes to the door, only to be stopped by Mr. Krabs. Much to Plankton's dismay.

In "F.U.N.", Plankton, controlling the patty, escapes outside with it by making a hole in the door with a laser.

SpongeBob heroically chases after it. After a long chase, SpongeBob finally recovers the Krabby Patty and is congratulated by the townsfolk, while Plankton walks away sadly. SpongeBob, feeling sorry for Plankton, decides to befriend him.

SpongeBob invited Plankton to go jelly-fishing with him, realizing he can take advantage of SpongeBob, as Plankton goes. At Jellyfish Fields, Plankton remains fixated on evil and destruction, while SpongeBob tries to explain fun to him by singing "The F.U.N. song." Eventually, Plankton then started singing the song as well, first, he sings a corrupted version that displayed on horrible things but eventually, he sings SpongeBob's version and seems to finally be having fun. He seems to forget about stealing the formula and begins to develop a genuine sense of friendship.

Later at the cinema, SpongeBob reaches into Plankton's pocket and finds a Krabby Patty. SpongeBob realizes that Plankton used him to get a Krabby Patty, and Plankton attempts to explain that he realizes now that he only ever wanted friendship, before admitting to everything and running off with the patty through the movie screen, tearing it in half in the process.

SpongeBob believes Plankton won but Mr. Krabs tells him he did not. He shows SpongeBob behind the screen revealing Plankton to be badly squashed on a damaged concrete wall with the Patty. SpongeBob apologizes to Mr. Krabs and they decide to go back to the Krusty Krab and have a fresh Krabby Patty and Mr. Krabs flicks Plankton off the wall and onto Bubble Bass' hand where he mistakes Plankton for a jelly bean as Bubble Bass chases Plankton around his hand with him screaming.

In "Sleepy Time", Plankton's dream was revealed to be a giant causing destruction in Bikini Bottom, he then appeared at the end off the episode along with everyone in his house complaining that he's messed up their dreams and tells him to stay out.

In "Valentine's Day", Spongebob gives Plankton a valentines candy for valentine's day.

In "Walking Small", Plankton (in his bulldozer) attempts turn the beach into the future site of the "Chum Bucket Mega Bucket," and demands everyone to leave. However, due to his tiny size and small voice nobody pays attention to him. He concludes that he needs someone big to assist him, and encounters SpongeBob. Plankton then decides to trick SpongeBob into being "assertive" in order to get what he wants. Plankton tricks SpongeBob into becoming assertive so he can build his Mega Bucket.

He tries to get SpongeBob to take his ice cream back from the person who stole it, but SpongeBob's kindly nature prevents him from being able to take it. Plankton, (unhappy with SpongeBob's performance), then climbs into SpongeBob's mouth and uses his words to forcefully take the ice cream. the guy who stole SpongeBob's ice cream runs off crying. When SpongeBob points about this, Plankton lies and says to him that those were the 'tears of joy', saying that the guy was happy that SpongeBob was assertive.

Plankton attempts to have SpongeBob forcefully take back his metal detector that he lent to another beach-goer, yet SpongeBob misinterprets Plankton's instructions and the person he lent the detector to is pointed out buried treasure by SpongeBob.

Plankton allows SpongeBob another chance. SpongeBob commits a series of both assertive and antagonistic acts to the beach-goers, such as stealing the hot dogs of people waiting in line to buy them and cutting the strings of people's kites, and even worse, popping a volleyball that the beach-goers wanted to play with, resulting in everyone leaving the beach.

Plankton then reveals his true intentions to SpongeBob, making him very upset. SpongeBob then becomes becoming "aggressively nice," and he undoes the actions that led everyone to leave Goo Lagoon. Plankton leaves the beach due to the overwhelmingly generous acts of kindness that SpongeBob executed.

Season 2

In "Imitation Krabs", Plankton, (in his newest bid for the Krabby Patty secret formula) enters the Krusty Krab as a robotic salesman as He presents SpongeBob with an offer for one million dollars if he tells him the formula. SpongeBob explains, but in no uncertain terms, that the formula is the property of Mr. Krabs and may not be divulged. Enraged, Plankton bursts out of the robot and threatens SpongeBob with violence, only to be caught by Mr. Krabs and shot out from a straw back to the Chum Bucket.

In "Life of Crime", it is revealed that Mr. Krabs stole Plankton's lawnmower from him.

In "Christmas Who", Plankton is seen singing "The Very First Christmas" with the rest of the others together, in which Mr. Krabs gives Plankton a fruitcake, though Plankton ultimately tosses it in the trash.

Season 3

In "The Algae's Always Greener", After failing to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula once-again, Believing Mr. Krabs to be much better off, he longs to switch lives with his arch-enemy. Karen points out the transmogrifier he conveniently has to do just that and suggests he use it. Plankton takes the transmogrifier and switches Mr. Krab' live.

Season 4

To be added

Season 5

In "Friend or Foe", Mr. Krabs tells spongebob his side of the story about why he and Plankton are enemies. It reveals that Mr. Krabs and Plankton were best friends from birth and did everything together. Both were outcasts, with Plankton being viewed as a nerd for his intelligence, and Mr. Krabs (ironically) being extremely poor, and victims of cold-hearted ridicule and social prejudice by a particular circle apparently led by Billy. One day, Mr. Krabs finds a penny at the carnival, his first exposure to money, which he spends on a balloon for Plankton. Later, they get enough money to buy a burger from Stinky's Burgers

which, despite having horrible food and literally being located in a dump, is very popular among the local children including Billy and his gang, due to being the only place in town to get a burger. Stinky, apparently just as shallow and mean as Billy and his group, refuses to serve them, saying that freaks like them are bad for business, and tells them to "wait" at the back of the building, only for him to yell at them again. There, they witness Stinky retiring for the day, having made millions from the stand. Plankton and Mr. Krabs decide to go into the burger business themselves and create their own burger so people will finally respect them, but no one wants to try it. When Stinky is arrested and his establishment is closed by the local health department for numerous ethical and health code violations, the two open "Plabs Burgers" on his former site, which the children are now forced to eat at, despite it being even worse than Stinky's.

Plankton says that they are now ruling the stomachs of the children, and soon will be ruling their brains. Mr. Krabs argues that it should be about satisfying the customers, rather than power. Soon, they get into an argument, and Mr. Krabs is ejected into a dump pile and tells Plankton that he will one day regret this.

Plankton comes in and disagrees with Mr. Krabs' story and tells SpongeBob his own version. His story is the same as Mr. Krabs', except that their roles during the fight at the end are reversed, with Mr. Krabs wanting to rule the money of the children.

Plankton and Mr. Krabs begin on arguing about the story until Karen arrives and tells the real story: as she had been a security camera which was installed by Plankton at the time and recorded everything.

The restaurant initially had no customers, and Old Man Jenkins was the first to try one of their burgers. Upon taking a bite, he smiles, falls to the ground, and a newspaper appears saying he knocked out by the taste of the burger. Mr. Krabs and Plankton began started to get angry and accusing each other of tainting the patty. They begin fighting over the recipe, eventually tearing it in two, with Plankton getting the bottom half, which says "...and a pinch of chum." Their friendship is over and Plankton storms out to pursue his own career in food. However, during the struggle, a shelf was knocked down, dumping various ingredients into the patty batter, creating the Krabby Patty recipe, which Krabs is left with. The two the went their separate ways, with each trying to open their own establishment. People really like Mr. Krabs' "Krabby Patty," while Plankton's Chum Burger is horrible.

After hearing the whole story about there past, Plankton and Mr. Krabs then begin to make up and apologize, only until Plankton takes the formula from his pocket. causing SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs to start chasing Karen and Plankton in circles outside the Krusty Krab.

Season 6

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Season 7

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Season 8

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Season 9

In "Eek, an Urchin!", Plankton helps Mr. Krabs to try and catch the vermin.

In "Jailbreak", Plankton teams up with his cellmates to break from jail and steal the secret formula.

In "Plankton's Pet", after another failed attempt for the Secret formula, Plankton decides that he wants a pet to help him.

In "Company Picnic", Plankton hosted his own picnic on the same day.

In "CopyBob DittoPants", Plankton clones SpongeBob to steal the secret formula, but his plans may be ruined by the original SpongeBob.

In "Pineapple Invasion", Plankton rides on a wagon preparing for another attempt to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula.

Season 10

In "Plankton Gets the Boot", SpongeBob helps to teach Plankton on how to make it up to Karen.

In "Plankton Retires", Plankton decides to close the Chum Bucket and move to a new town, but Mr. Krabs still suspects that he is up to something.

Season 11

In "Spot Returns", Plankton uses Spot's children as part of his plan when his pet was on off-spring.

In "Spin the Bottle", Plankton poses as a wish-granting genie in his latest scheme to get the secret formula.

In "No Pictures Please", He appeared at the Krusty Krab stealing the formula, only to get crushed. he then later appeared at Rube's camera, where it was revealed that there was nothing in his camera.

Season 12

In "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout", He helps Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Mrs. Puff, Squidward, Bubble Bass, and the rest of Spongebob's friends on decorating Spongebob's Birthday.

Season 13



The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

Oh, grow up! What, do you think this is a game of kickball on the playground? You never had a chance to defeat me, fool! And you know why? (SpongeBob: Because you cheated?) No! Not because I cheated! Because I'm an evil genius... and you're just a kid! Haha! A stupid kid!
~ Plankton to SpongeBob SquarePants.

In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, Plankton serves as the main antagonist of the film, and it marks the first time when he becomes an alarmingly dangerous and depraved villain of the franchise. As Mr. Krabs is being interviewed by Perch Perkins, Plankton watches in rage, envious of him for succeeding in life when he's never had a single customer. Plankton continues to lament to Karen about how he's tried every scheme to steal the Krabby Patty recipe from A to Y, and Karen informs him that there is a final letter in the alphabet; Z. Plankton discovers his "Plan Z" in the back of his filing cabinet and revels in its sinister nature, before going outside to monologue about his upcoming victory, only to be stepped on by SpongeBob, who was heading to the grand opening ceremony of the Krusty Krab Two.

That night, Plankton initiates the first phase of his plan by stealing King Neptune's precious crown (which concealed his baldness) and subsequently abandoning it in the forbidden Shell City, framing Mr. Krabs for the crime. As a result, Neptune freezes Mr. Krabs in place and allows SpongeBob and Patrick six days to retrieve the crown. Plankton then takes advantage of Mr. Krabs' frozen state and steals the Krabby Patty recipe with ease, producing Krabby Patties under the guise of preserving the Krusty Krab's legacy, also giving out free bucket helmets with each purchase, allowing the Chum Bucket to become just as popular as the Krusty Krab had been previously. When Karen points out that SpongeBob and Patrick could retrieve the crown and unravel Plankton's plan, he reveals that he had thought ahead and hired a hit man named Dennis to destroy the two. Later, Squidward uncovers Plankton's scheme and threatens to report him to King Neptune, resulting in Plankton revealing that the bucket helmets were also minded control devices, enslaving the entire population of Bikini Bottom and turning them against Squidward. Plankton then begins turning Bikini Bottom into "Planktopolis", a city dedicated entirely to him, which Princess Mindy attempts to use as a motivation for SpongeBob and Patrick when they prepare to give up.

Even when SpongeBob and Patrick finally manage to return the crown to Neptune after defeating Dennis and the Cyclops, this still doesn't stop Plankton as he puts a mind-controlling helmet on Neptune, revealing that the theft of the crown was nothing more than a ruse to lure Neptune under his control and take over the seas for himself. Eventually, Plankton is eventually defeated by SpongeBob when he sings the "Goofy Goober Rock" to remove the bucket helmets from all of the fish. Plankton tries to escape, but gets accidentally stomped on by the citizens of Bikini Bottom and then send to jail while screaming that he will destroy everyone.

Despite new seasons and two sequels coming out after this movie, it's been confirmed that the first movie is the canonical series finale, so this was Plankton's final fate, being send to jail for the rest of his life for his actions against Bikini Bottom and King Neptune.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

The formula, Please! (Burger-Beard: Come on! Team up with me! We'll be rich and powerful!) No, thanks. I'm already part of a teamwork.
~ Plankton/Plank-Ton refusing to join Burger-Beard.

Plankton returns in the 2015 film The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water as the secondary antagonist turned deuteragonist. He attempts to steal the Krabby Patty secret recipe, but in this conflict, it disappears when Burger-Beard writes in the magic book to steal it. Then he later becomes an anti-hero, when he begrudgingly teams up with SpongeBob who was rescuing him from Mr. Krabs and the people of Bikini Bottom falsely accuse Plankton of stealing the recipe and SpongeBob for "joining his side". Throughout the journey, SpongeBob tries to show Plankton the meaning of teamwork, much to his annoyance. Then they go time traveling to keep the secret recipe from disappearing but fails. Then Plankton, who was hiding inside SpongeBob's pocket, surprisingly appears to help out with SpongeBob, Patrick, and the others to get the Krabby Patty secret formula back from Burger-Beard (the true culprit) as superheroes.

Using the magical book that Burger-Beard stole earlier, Plankton becomes a giant muscle-bound hero (dubbing himself as Plank-Ton). After Burger-Beard defeats SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs, he attempts to escape, only for the muscle-bound Plankton to stop him by lifting up his ship. Embellished with the true meaning of teamwork, Plankton helps SpongeBob create a storm full of the bubble to capture Burger-Beard and force him to return the recipe.

After kicking Burger-Beard away to a marooned island, Plankton ponders on what to do with the formula, much to Krabs' distraught. However, Plankton decides to give the recipe back to Krabs, admitting that keeping things to himself is a selfish thing to do and gaining some fondness for the group. As everything in Bikini Bottom was turned back to normal, Plankton continues his role as the Krusty Krab's business rival going back to his recipe-stealing tricks just to keep things in the status quo. This shows that as much as he grew to care about SpongeBob, he could be beyond redemption. However, he sometimes becomes an anti-hero in the episodes after this movie showing that he did change.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

Plankton returns in the 2020 film, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run. He starts out as the overarching antagonist of the third film, but later becomes a supporting character. He prepares to once again try to steal the recipe, knowing Mr. Krabs won't be able to stop him this time. However, Karen points out that it's SpongeBob who always stops him. When he attempts to steal the formula later that night, SpongeBob stops him, proving that Karen is right.

Plankton then learns he has to get rid of SpongeBob to get the recipe. After learning that King Poseidon, the king of the lost city of Atlantic city, needs a new snail to get rid of his face wrinkles, Plankton sells SpongeBob's snail Gary to Poseidon and then gives SpongeBob and Patrick a car to go there and save Gary. Driving the car is a robot named Otto - who was built by Sandy who gave it to Mr. Krabs who then threw it out. SpongeBob and Patrick hop the car and Plankton orders Otto to take them to the lost city of Atlantic city and never come back. SpongeBob, Patrick and Otto leave and Plankton then celebrates SpongeBob being gone, knowing he won't be able to stop him from getting the recipe.

Sometime later, business at the Krusty Krab has gone down and Plankton comes over to gloat. Mr. Krabs, who is miserable with SpongeBob gone, gives Plankton the recipe but Plankton is surprised that Mr. Krabs is just giving up. Later in the film when Mr. Krabs, Sandy and Squidward learn that SpongeBob and Patrick have been captured by Poseidon and agree they have to go there to save them, Plankton, feeling guilty, offers to come along with them. The four of them quickly drive to Atlantic City, enter Poseidon's lounge and rescue SpongeBob, Patrick and Gary and quickly retreat with Poseidon's guards chasing them. After SpongeBob stands up to Poseidon and convinces him to let SpongeBob and the gang go home free with Gary, Bikini Bottom becomes a sanctuary for snails and Plankton is shown to have adopted a snail at the end.

The events of Sponge on the Run are most likely non-canonical to the main series, given many continuity errors and the implication that it serves more as a pilot for the upcoming Kamp Koral spin-off series.

Video Games

Battle For Bikini Bottom/Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated

Main article: Robot Plankton

Plankton appears in the 2003 video-game and its 2020 remake. He initially was the main antagonist of the game, but this is a trick by Robot Plankton, the true main antagonist of the game.

In this game, Plankton creates an army of robots to take over Bikini Bottom but forgets to make them obey him, causing his creations to run amok across the sea bottom. Plankton uses SpongeBob, who is convinced that he caused the robot invasion while role-playing with Patrick, to get rid of the robots, which are led by a Robotic Plankton.

Nicktoons Unite!

Plankton is one of the villains who compose The Evil Syndicate (along with Professor Calamitous, Denzel Quincy Crocker, and Vlad Plasmius), the main antagonists of the game. Plankton was recruited into the team by Professor Calamitous. He was charged to harvest energy out of the jellyfishes in Jellyfish Fields for the Doomsday Machine that the Syndicate was building, making changes in the Chum Bucket to make it a factory. He also began to kidnap citizens of Bikini Bottom (including Patrick) who didn't go along with his plans. He also captured Mr. Krabs to force him to give him the Krabby Patty Formula. However, the group of heroes composed of Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom and Timmy Turner with the help of Sandy Cheeks managed to free the jellyfishes and defeat Plankton at the Chum Bucket. He retreated to Retroville where he tried to destroy the heroes along with his fellow Syndicate members. But even that failed as his shield was turned off and he was defeated again by SpongeBob.

Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island

Although Plankton nor any of his fellow Syndicate members appear in this game, he is mentioned by Spongebob when he and Danny come across his giant robot on the beach that was pulled by the rip caused by The Mawgu, with Spongabob and Danny discussing his previous defeat.

Nicktoons: Globs of Doom

Plankton returns in this game as the only original member to be part of the second Syndicate. He, along with other villains (Nicolai Technus, Beautiful Gorgeous, Traloc, and Dib), join forces with the heroes to gather parts for the Vessel of Portentia and defeat the Morphoids. However, he also betrays the heroes at the end when they are about to defeat Globulous Maximus and the villains steal the Vessel. However, he and the others were defeated when Maximus takes them one-on-one at the moon, destroying the Vessel and leaving them in the vacuum of space.

Nicktoons Racing

Plankton appears as the hidden main antagonist of the game. In the beginning, he is making invitations and sending them to Nicktoon characters, attracting their attention to a race. He then arrives at the race in his own car that completely hides his identity. At the end of the race, it was revealed that the prize of the race was a lifetime supply of Krabby Patties, which Plankton's car showed up, revealing that Plankton was the mysterious rider. He is an unlockable playable character in the game, the player can play as him after beating all cups on Easy.

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