Plaztek is a villain that appeared in the Max Steel Reboot episode "Toxic Relationship". It is an evil creation that was the result of a fusion between an evil Ultralink, Fishy (an artificial fish), and an orange slime. Like all the evil Ultralinks that has appeared in the series, Plaztek wants to destroy the world.


A henchmen of Makino wanted to have the Ultralink bond with Toxzon to create a powerful creature. However, the Ultralink accidentally bonded with Toxzon's pet fish, Fishy, and an orange substance which created Plaztek. The minion was shocked and disappointed and left. Toxzon was shocked that his fish was gone and had a hallucination of it being trapped within the creature. Plaztek attacked Toxzon for and tried to knock him back. Toxzon wanted his fish back he was unaware that his fish was now Plaztek. Plaztek then escaped.

Plaztek went on to capture a powerful device that would help it in its goal to bring destruction to the world. Max Steel tried to stop him in their confrontation but Plaztek ultimately escaped and went to the Arctic to conclude its goal. While at the Arctic, Toxzon confronted it and told it that he would like to join forces with him to spread chaos across the globe. At first, Plaztek was skeptical but he decided to join the alliance. However, Plaztek was unaware that Toxzon wanted to kill him to retrieve the fish that he thought was trapped inside it. Soon enough, N-Tek arrived to stop them.

Plaztek fought Max Steel and tried to stop N-Tek from destroying the device that would ensure the end of the world. Plaztek was betrayed by Toxzon. It was also overwhelmed by Max Steel and fell into the water. Toxzon tried to reach Plaztek in hopes of getting his fish back but the imaginary fish told him to move on without him. Plaztek then sank to the bottom of the ocean.


  • Plaztek could not survive in the water despite being an a powerful fusion between an ultralink and a robotic fish.
  • Plaztek is the first ultralink that Max Steel kills off instead of contain.


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