Puripurikan Making Doraskeleton

File:Puripurikan's Creations.jpg

Puripurikan kept small clay creatures who moved by themselves. It doesn't seem that they ever became fully baked monsters. One in the picture is what later became Dora Tarantula.

I Think Puripurikan is sick of Bandora's Singing

Puripurikan (プリプリカン Puripurikan?) is a leprechaun-like potter who forges the Dora Monsters and Golem Soldiers out of clay and is focused on his craft. He rarely shows up in battle and focuses more on enemy tactics. While working for Bandora, he is not really an evil character, but rather a somewhat eccentric artist. He hates being rushed, claiming, "You can't rush perfection or it'll be ruined." He is extremely brilliant and somewhat all-knowing, though he is not much of a comedy relief, compared to most of Bandora's Gang.

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