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So it was no surprise to Oscar when he learned that the Plushtrap Chaser - a light-activated chomping green rabbit, and by far Oscar's favorite character from the Freddy Fazbear world - would go on sale on the most ridiculous day, at the most ridiculous time imaginable.
~ Oscar regarding the Plushtrap Chaser.

The Plushtrap Chaser is the main antagonist of the short story Out of Stock from Fazbear Frights #2: Fetch, the second book in the Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights anthology novel series.

It is a modified version of Fazbear Entertainment's Plushtrap Chaser toy that tries to kill a trio of children that stole it from the toy store it was returned to before staff were able to get rid of it.


The Plushtrap Chaser is a roughly three-foot tall rabbit robot with green fur, oversized feet and a similarly oversized head. Unlike other Plushtrap Chaser toys however, this particular model possesses squishy, featureless green eyes aswell as human-like yellow teeth and fleshy gums.


Out of Stock

After the release of the new Plushtrap Chaser toyline by Fazbear Entertainment, many toy stores found themselves unable to keep up with the high demand for the limited supply. Among the countless people trying to get their hands on one during a sale of the toy were Oscar and his two friends, Isaac and Raj. Just as they were next in line to buy a single Plushtrap, the toy clerk nervously announced to the impatient crowd that they were out of stock. While the crowd exploded in outrage, Oscar caught a glimpse of a single Plushtrap package in the storage area and, unwilling to be disappointed by his terrible luck for what felt like the thousandth time, used the ensuing confusion to steal it to the disbelief of his friends. While they were seen and chased by both employees and security guards Oscar, Isaac and Raj managed to escape with the toy and weren't recognized by anyone.

Despite being angry at their friend for his reckless decision, Isaac and Raj decided to go along and unpack their prize. To their shock, the Plushtrap Chaser Oscar had stolen turned out to be slightly different than the others, freaking out over its human-like eyes and teeth. Oscar recalls having overheard some employees mention that it was bought and returned like this by some unknown customer, but didn't have time to properly think about it in the store. After some failed attempts to shake their unease off they were also unable to turn the Plushtrap on, leading to exasperation that not only did they have the guilt of theft, but they also got absolutely nothing out of it. Even after finding out that it is only supposed to move in the dark, it still refused to do anything when they darkened Oscar's bedroom. When they tried to give it back and apologize the next day, the toy store was suddenly replaced by a completely different one.

The following night the three met in Oscar's home once more while his mother was working. While Isaac and Raj tried to focus on their duel in a fighting game, Oscar was still attempting to get the Plushtrap to work somehow, in spite of his friends telling him that it's pointless and that it would be better if he just got rid of it. Oscar discovers a charger plug on the side of its head, but a short circuit sends him flying across the room just as he tries to plug it into an outlet. With his near-death experience shaking him up and the Plushtrap still not working Oscar finally gave up and followed his friends to the living room to discuss their plans for their upcoming Halloween raid. Shortly afterwards, a power outage sends the house into complete darkness.

Not a lot of time passed until the three started to hear loud banging from behind Oscar's bedroom door. Initially suspecting it to be an animal, their assumption was quickly proven wrong as the banging turned into violent scraping and they saw human-like teeth rapidly biting off the door handle from the other side. As the door creaked open, the Plushtrap Chaser stood in the doorway. Suddenly, it ran straight for them. It chased them across several rooms in the house, biting apart anything that stood in its way, be it doors or furniture, not caring that doing so damaged its mouth and caused it to start bleeding. While hiding on some furniture, the boys discovered that shining a flashlight directly into its eyes will make it freeze in place. Unfortunately for them their flashlights started to fail unusually quickly and the Plushtrap was able to distract them on several occasions by mimicing their voices and even that of Oscar's mother, calling out to them from different places in their current room. Just as their last flashlight died, the boys fled into the garage and ran outside just as the metal shutter closed in front of the Plushtrap.

This did not stop it for long, as it simply bit a hole through the metal garage gate and continued its pursuit. As if their situation wasn't bad enough, the boys were starting to get worn out from the constant running, while the Plushtrap was catching up fast. Oscar came up with the idea of baiting it in front of a train. As he ran Isaac and Raj followed him close after, unable to think of a better plan in their hurry. Fortune finally turned in their favor, as a train just so happened to be approaching not far away from them. Raj and Isaac cross the tracks first, but Oscar stopped to wait for their pursuer.

Just as the Plushtrap ran onto the train tracks Oscar manages to jump out of the way at the last possible second. With the train's headlights locking it in place the Plushtrap was unable to escape, getting crushed and torn apart under its wheels, killing it.

Epilogue 2

Some time after its destruction, the Plushtrap Chaser's remains are found by the Stitchwraith late at night, still scattered around the train tracks. It collects the broken pieces of the toy, puts them in a bag and takes them with it into the darkness.

Epilogue 5

Plushtrap Chaser's remains are briefly mentioned. They're spotted by Grim when he enters inside the abandoned factory where the Stitchwraith collected all the objects infected by Andrew's agony.

Epilogue 6

William Afton's spiritual form uses all the pieces collected by the Stitchwraith, including Plushtrap Chaser's remains, to build a new colossal physical form for himself.

Epilogue 7

When the Miscreation is pulled apart by the Marionette, Plushtrap Chaser's remains sink into the lake along with all the other robotic parts which composed the amalgamation.

Epilogue 10

Just as Larson enters Doctor Talbert's house and sees Eleanor, she takes him down a tormenting trip down her own memories where, among other things, he sees her putting the human eyes and teeth into the Plushtrap Chaser.


  • The Plushtrap Chaser and Eleanor canonically exist in the same universe. It is also hinted that Out of Stock is a prequel to To Be Beautiful.


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