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Pluto is one of the Hills family members, from the infamous 1977 classic horror movie respectfully known as The Hills Have Eyes and it's sequel, as-well as the remakes. He serves as a secondary antagonist in Hills Have Eyes and in it's sequel Hills Have Eyes II.

He was portrayed by Michael Berryman, who also portrayed the Ice Cream Man in One Please.


Hills Have Eyes

The Carter family is traveling on their vacation, in a trailer towards Los Angeles. The parents Boba nd Ethel are driving the vehicle, while they are driving their children, Bobby, Brenda and Lynne, which got her husband Dough and their baby Katy. The family also got their dogs, Beauty and the Beast.

As the family gets to Nevada,they end up stopping for fuel, and the fueling station owner Fred, urges them to stay on the main road while driving. The family though of Fred as a insane person, they didn't listen to him, and ended up crashing on the road, while the dogs panic, and bark towards the hills. Beauty manages to run into the hills, Bobby chases after hr. Bobby ends up finding her deceased mutilated body, Bobby got upset and ran away back frighten, and he ends up knocking him self down, by falling to the ground.

Bob ends up walking to Fred's place, in order to find any help. There, he found Fred hanging on the wall, and Bob lets him down. Fred ends up telling Bob about his insane lunatic son Jupiter. Fred goes on to explain how Jupiter killed his own sister. Fred explained how he attacked Jupiter, and how he tried to let him die in the hills. Tough, Jupiter survived, and created his own family with a proustite, known as Mama, together they created three sons Mars, Pluto, Mercury and a daughter which they abuse, Ruby. Their family lives on cannibalizing on travelers, and by stealing their stuff. Papa Jupiter suddenly appears, and kills Fred, and crucifies Bob.

Bobby gets back into their trailer, and is upset. He didn't tell the others about what happened, dye to not wanting to disturb others. Pluto ends up sneaking inside their trailer, and signals Papa Jupiter to set Bob on fire in order to distract the family members. Brenda and Katy stay inside, while Ethel, Lynne, Dough and Bobby ran to save Bob, which ends up being a failure.

While Carters extinguish the fire, Pluto and Mars end up entering their trailer, and Mars ends up raping Brenda. As Ethel and Lynne return back, Mars ends up shooting both of them, as Pluto ends up abducing the baby Katy, and both of them ran away, so their family could eat the baby. After hearing their screaming, Doug and Bobby run back to find Lynne dead, and Ethel disturbed and traumatized rapidly from the events.

Mars and Pluto got back inside their home, which is a cave. The alive dog, Beast ends up pushing Mercury off the hills, killing him instantly. Mama ends up forcing Ruby to eat Beauty because of her being sympathetic towards the Carter family. The next morning, shortly after Ethel died, Doug makes the plan to find Katy, while Papa Jupiter and Pluto are looking for other family members to kill them.

The Beast ends up tearing Pluto's throat out, Brenda and Bobby use Ethel's corpse as their trap in order to kill Papa Jupiter, Doug gets back inside the cave, where Ruby ends up running with the baby. The movie ends with Doug stabbing Mars rapidly, until he is dead, and the movie fades to red.

Hills Have Eyes II

Pluto survived the dog bite, and along with his uncle The Reaper, both of them spend the next 8 years killing people rapidly, which appear in their area and cannibalizing them. A new group of victims appear in the hills, one of them is Ruby. Pluto attacks Ruby instantly, revealing to her that he's till alive, and then he runs off once the group got to Ruby. Pluto steals one of their bikes, which escalates of Pluto being chased by Roy and Harry.

Harry gets knocked off during the driving, and Roy continues chasing Pluto. Roy ends up capturing Pluto and tries bringing him back to their group. They end up finding that Harry passed away, and Pluto gets saved by The Reaper, who knocks out Roy. Pluto ends up attacking Ruby again, but Beast chases him away from her, but Pluto ends up revealing to Ruby that their uncle is still alive.

In the end, Pluto corners Roy ona hilltop, which escalates in Beast pushing Pluto off the hill killing him.


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