Pluton is an enhanced Jiralhanae, Covenant super soldier made by order of the Prophet of Truth.

He appears in the short Odd one Out in the Halo anime collection Halo: Legends.



Pluton brawls with the kids.

Truth had Pluton engineered as a prototype of a new line of soldiers, meant to match the Spartans that the UNSC have. The Prophet deployed Pluton on the Planet Cronkee to Kill Spartan 117 (Master Chief).

On the planet, Pluton encounters Spartan 1337, instead of the planned target, who had fallen on the planet. After battling with the Spartan for a little while, Pluton defeated Spartan 1337 by releasing an explosion.

They later enountered again, this time with more of a difficult battle. Finally, an A.I., referred to as “Mama”, opened a slipspace portal and released a MAC round from the crashed UNSC frigate’s cannon, which sent Pluton into space.

Pluton is seen stuck head-first in a shuttle, adrift in space, squirming in an attempt to escape.


Pluton has very little intelligence when he runs in the incorrect direction to the pod and seemed brutish, but with the intelligence that would allow him to use weapons and know his purpose. He seemed to not care about harming anyone.


Pluton is a large alien creature. He has an ape-like body, and also resembling a dog, with floppy ears and canines. He has plain white circular eyes and purple fur. He has a grey headpiece and gray arm pieces.

Powers/ Abilities


Pluton prepares to release an energy blast from his mouth.

Super strength

Pluton possesses great strength, as seen when effortlessly holding a tree trunk in one hand.

Excellent hand-to-hand combat

Pluton has an excellent hand to hand combat, shown when brawling with Spartan 1337.

Wrist guns

Pluton has laser weapons on his wrists, which he uses in battle.

Mouth laser

Pluton can release a laser Blast from his mouth.


Pluton can discharge an explosion, which he used while fighting Spartan 1337. This is his most powerful attack.

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