The Poachers were the antagonists of the live-action movie "Gorillas in the Mist" - based on the true story of murdered zoologist Dian Fossey.

The film explored Dian Foseey's struggle in Rwanda to protect wild Gorillas from illegal poaching and due to the Rwandan government refusing the help her she and a group of animal rights activists wage a type of war against the poachers, employing tactics which would arguably be considered Extreme Activism by some (or eco-terrorism to others).

Regardless of Fossey's methods the Poachers were the main antagonists from the film's perspective and it is believed+ (though not yet proven) that these poachers were responsible for her murder, which occured in December 27, 1985, in the bedroom of her cabin.

+ - Dian Fossey's murderer(s) have never been identitied, however given the antagonism shared between her and the poachers it is likely that they either killed her for revenge or arranged for her to be killed.