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The Poachmaster General is a one-time villain from the Netflix original series Paradise P.D., only appearing in their crossover episode with the Comedy Central raunch-com, Brickleberry, titled "Paradise P.D. Meets Brickleberry". He is a poacher who claimed to have kidnapped Malloy and held him for ransom, demanding $100,000 from Woody Johnson.

He is actually Steve Williams in disguise, who lied about kidnapping Malloy just to trick Woody into coughing up the money to pay off the mortgage company so that Brickleberry National Park wouldn't get shut down.

He is voiced by David Herman.


In "Paradise P.D. Meets Brickleberry", Ethel tried to warn Woody about a poacher that was going around Brickleberry National Park and kidnapping all the animals but Woody ignored her as he had bigger problems to deal with. Recently, he had blown all his cash on a cocaine yacht and didn't have enough money left over to pay the mortgage for the park.

The cops of Paradise Police Department showed up in Brickleberry to greet the park rangers, asking if they could stay there for a few days, needing to lay low from Fitz for a while. Woody was not happy to see his abusive cousin, Randall there and the two of them got into a huge fight, which eventually got everyone on both teams involved in beating each other up. In the middle of the fight, Malloy suddenly disappeared and Woody instantly worried about the whereabouts of Malloy and told Randall and the other cops that they were allowed to stay if they helped him find Malloy.

Eventually, Steve found a videotape labeled "For Woody" and they popped it into the VCR. The Poachmaster General showed up on the video and said that he had Malloy in a bag and was holding him hostage. He demanded $100,000 in cash for the bear or else he'd murder it. The Poachmaster General told Woody to meet him at the Hazelhurst Titty Bar, without the cops, so they could make the trade.

Woody sold his cocaine yacht to Tom Sellek but the latter manipulated him into giving it to him for free. Woody realized his stupid mistake and then begged Sellek to give him $100,000. Sellek agreed to give him the money for the price of his mustache, leading to Woody having to shave off his mustache to get the cash.

At The Hazelhurst Titty Bar, Woody met with The Poachmaster General and slid him the briefcase full of cash. The Poachmaster General snatched the cash and took off with it and the bag full of Malloy. The cops of Paradise P.D. showed up, having been in disguise as strippers and they all jumped on the Poachmaster General and stopped him. Gina unmasked the Poachmaster General to find out that he was actually Steve in disguise.

Steve explained that the reason he concocted this evil plan was so that he could raise the money to save the park. Instead of getting mad, Woody thanked him and congratulated him for his heroism. However, Steve admitted to having lied about kidnapping Malloy, as the bag was actually full of a bobcat that jumped out and clawed Woody's face off.

The mystery of where Malloy was currently hiding was soon after solved when Malloy slipped out of Dusty's fat rolls and landed in the middle of the strip club, apparently having been crushed by him during the fight.


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