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Poe De Spell is the younger twin brother of Magica De Spell and a minor antagonist in the 2017 Ducktales series.

He was voiced by Martin Freeman.


Poe De Spell in the 2017 Ducktales Series is shown as an anthropomorphic duck instead of being a raven like in the original series. He appeared as a flashback in the episode "The Life and Crimes of Scrooge Mcduck." Poe and his sister Magica used to rule an entire village as a team together. When Scrooge McDuck came into the village, he had made Magica furious and she accidentally turned her brother into a raven. Poe, no longer a sentient being and lacking his original conscience, ran away and Magica begged Scrooge to help her, but he had refused. Magica couldn't find her brother and since then, she wanted to get revenge on Scrooge. With no memory of his own life and identity, or his recognition of his own sister, it is highly likely that he had flown away and has never been seen or encountered again since then.


Poe is described as a narcissist and he is just as sadistic as his older sister Magica. Poe has a calmer nature than his sister. He liked to turn the village people into unintelligent animals rather than turning them into inanimate objects. Poe is also greedy, since he favors treasure. Despite his selfishness, Poe greatly cares for his sister Magica more than anything else. He saved Magica from a blast and then he was turned into a raven, even though she technically betrayed him by stealing his magic.


  • Poe's name is a reference to the American writer Edgar Allan Poe, who wrote a book called The Raven.
  • His fondness for magically turning villagers into unintelligent animals was slightly an ironic twist for him, since he ended up being turned into an unintelligent raven by his own magic.


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