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Villain Overview

Pamela Isley, also known as Poison Ivy, is a major character in the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is an antagonist turned protagonist in LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High.

In the reboot, she is is one of the antagonists and a student at Metropolis High and also a friend of Jessica. Her first major role being in "From Bat To Worse", she is a member of the Super Villain Girls.

She was voiced by Tara Strong in the original cartoon and Cristina Milizia in the reboot.


Reboot: Poison Ivy is a lonely girl who cares deeply about plants. Ivy's love of plants caused her to put her "lives" above humans. She is willing to kill anyone she deems dangerous to plants. She finds other people, like Jessica Cruz, annoying or just doesn't care about them. She also doesn't care what other people think of her. Poison Ivy is a very very beautiful villain but she shows to have a wild, aggressive, violent, dangerous and cruel side, since in the episode #From Bat To Worse while chasing batgirl at the Metropolis pesticide plant.s she began to despair and get very angry in a violent and very dangerous way. He then showed his wild, devious, evil and abusive side when he whipped Batgirl very hard on the wall almost killing her and when he turned and laughed at her for her Bat Knight doll, and proved to be very cruel when he called her silly little girl and He said: You're even sillier than I thought, Poison Ivy proves to be very beautiful but very cruel. Poison Ivy also shows that she is not afraid of Batman (unlike other criminals in Gotham) because before starting her fight with Batgirl when she said that she confused Batgirl with Batman, she did not show signs or feelings of fear.

Powers and Abilities

Chlorokinesis: Ivy can cause plants of all kinds to grow at a rapid rate simply by commanding them to do so, and can manipulate and animate them as she wishes. Her knowledge of botany allows her to better manipulate her plants.


  • Irrational Hatred: In all the episodes Poison Ivy is upset and that leads to Poison Ivy's main weakness is her irrational hatred since she gets very desperate and the nerves and despair make her very upset and shows her wild side, as shown in some episodes like #From bat to worse when she was getting very upset and desperate when chasing batgirl, in #misgiving tree she got really upset and got more maddening when Jessica tried to be her friend and gets more upset when fighting workers and Green Lantern and then he gives him a fit of anger when Green Lantern kills the tree, in the episode of #Frenemies he gets desperate and upset when fighting Bumblebee, in #soul sisters Poison Ivy does not show feelings of hatred but it is likely that he got very upset while fighting against katana, in beeline is upset when Bumblebee takes down Harley Quinn and ruins her plan and at first when harley quinn laughs desperately, in the episode of # scrambled eggs she gets angry when Mr. Chapin assigns them and Jessica as companions, in the episode #retreat she only shows angry feelings after she transforms into Poison Ivy and walks angrily.
  • Pesticide and herbicide: As shown in the episode #From bat to worse the pesticide and herbicide is also one of the main weaknesses of Poison Ivy. When Batgirl manages to subdue Ivy by throwing her Bat-mite bomb into a vat of pesticide and Ivy's vines wither and she falls unconscious and lose her powers for a few minutes.


Poison Ivy is a botanist and superhero at Super Hero High. When a botched lab experiment gave this wallflower the ability to control plants, her life changed forever. Now, she is finally blossoming into her new life and doing the best she can to adapt to her amazing new superpowers.

In the film LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High, Poison Ivy joins Uber High, a high-school which is secretly for super-villains and becomes one of their top agents. However, in the end, Poison Ivy rejoins Super Hero High and fights to save the day.


Season 1

In "#FromBattowors", bored with life in the Metropolis suburbs, Barbara intercepts a call from Batman ,about a criminal attacking a pesticide plant. The villain proves to be Poison Ivy, who intends to use an army of plants to wipe out the human population of Metropolis. Batgirl defeats her before Batman can arrive, and Mr. Gordon comments that she would make a far better sidekick for Batman than Robin, but in the middle of his talk Poison Ivy escapes.

In "#MisgivingTree", Jessica tries to befriend Pam Isley even though Babs tells Jess that Pam wants to be alone, and the rest of the team concurs. Jess insists on befriending her, with Pam rejecting her repeatedly. Eventually, Pam finds out that Jess is protesting the cutting of an ancient tree. She joins her and they chain themselves to the tree. At night Pam tells the story of the tree who "speaks" to her by rustling in the wind. Pam grows angry over the imminent destruction of the tree. She clenches her fist in the soil, and vines grow around it. When the working crew arrives, Pam vanishes and Poison Ivy attacks the crew with her vines, flipping cars, tearing the road, and coiling the vines around the workers. She throws a bulldozer at the crew, and Green Lantern deflects it back, unintentionally felling the ancient tree. Poison Ivy falls to her knees, wept bitterly and a fit of rage. She retreats into the ground with her vines, she angrily tells Green Lantern that she will pay. In the next scene, Pam and Jess find an acorn by the stump of the ancient tree. They plant it, and the episode ends with a shot of the acorn growing into a sapling as Jess and Pam walk away.

In "#BackInAFlash", She along with Carol, Leslie, Garth, Hal and Oliver laugh at Babs for what happened to him at school, after a few seconds after Babs and Barry return from their time travel, Pam, Carol, Hal, Garth and Oliver they look at both of them as if the world has taken a turn around them.

In "#ScrambledEggs": At Home EC, Mr. Chapin (who is subbing the regular Home EC teacher) assigned the students of taking care of an Egg for the weekend and told them that if the egg is broken, they get an 'F'. He then assigns the teams; Karen and Diana, Hal and Selina (much to Carol's frustration) Barbara and Garth (who seem to not have a last name), Zee and Oliver (much to their frustration) Tatsu and Leslie, Jessica and Pamela, Carter and Barry, Carol and Doris (who is skipping class again and forced Carol to be a single mother) and lastly Kara and Harleen, both who were asleep and awaken upon hearing the assignment. As Jessica told Pamela that it's going to be great to hang out with each other but rather than spend time with Jessica, Pamela ate the egg and takes the 'F' so she wouldn't spend the weekend with Jessica. In the end the Super Villain Girls, the Super Hero Girls the Incivi-Bros end up fighting for the egg, as everybody continued to fight over it, The egg rolled over to Pam who took the egg, but instead of keeping it intact, she made it into a egg sandwich and ate it in school the next morning at class, with the other students looking both disgusted and horrified for what Pam did. However the teacher revealed that the school mascot has just given birth to baby hamsters and decides to have them take care of it, even having everybody match up with the same person as before. The episode ends with Pam burping while everyone looks at her.

In "Retreat", Jessica, Babs, Hal, and Garth are having a camp in the middle of the forest, though Jessica confiscates all of their technology from them, including their powers. Jessica also invited Pam, who witnesses personal horrors that she sees when the rest are cutting and burning wood and picking up flowers. As Pam runs away to the forest, Babs tells the others a scary story about a witch in the forest, while at the same time, Pam transforms into Poison Ivy and summons an army of forest monsters to attack everyone. The monsters devour Aqualad, then it grabs Hal as he transforms into a monster soon after. With their powers inside the bag that was hanged on the top of a tree, the girls use the kitchen utensils from a cabin and attacked the monsters, though they were quickly captured by the monsters, and Ivy walks away victoriously, thinking that the heroes are dead. Fortunately, Jessica grabs her power ring to transform into Green Lantern and destroys all of the monsters while freeing her friends. As everyone, including Pam, are heading home, they forgot about Hal, who was locked inside a closet. And that's the last Poison Ivy appearance in Season 1.

Poison Ivy first appears in the short "#HashtagFrownyFace", Batgirl is struggling against Poison Ivy as texting her friends for help. By the time Diana manages to understand Barbara's emojis, Ivy's giant plants have surrounded the whole building. Poison Ivy's gloating is interrupted by an emoji-overloaded text from Harley Quinn, and Ivy gets frustrated because she can't understand the emojis.

In the short "#RemoteUncontrolled", An argument between Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn over what to watch on television turns into a brawl that destroys their living room.

In the short "#Vegecide", when Poison Ivy unleashes her wrath against a vegan restaurant, Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) has to suit up and fight off the crazed plants and vegetables.

In the short "#EqualTights", when she was about to fight against superman Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) interferes in their fight by creating a tank with his green lantern ring with the only thing he achieves is to crush superman and get trapped, while Poison Ivy looks at them both and shortly after she escapes.

In "#Frenemies", she (along with Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Star Sapphire, Giganta, and Livewire, formed a group called the Super Villain Girls.

In "#Beeline", she is one of the 5 villains to help Harley blow up the bridge so that Mr. Johnson didn’t give Harley her Math test.

In "#Soulsisters", she has her soul sucked by Katanna.

Season 2

In the episode "Anger Management", Poison Ivy, along with Hawkman, The Flash, and Supergirl (who was forced to go) attend Jessica's class in order to control their anger problems and they try to help Kara with her anger problems, but all their efforts are in vain. Later in Metropolis, Poison Ivy was losing her anger seeing the lake in the park, but when a builder told her that they are going to build a concrete statue and when Poison Ivy hears that, she starts to lose control and uses a creature to absorb the water and other things in the city. However, Green Lantern and Supergirl manage to kill the creature.


  • Poison Ivy is referred to be an anti-hero in a video on the official YouTube account.
  • This appearance of Poison Ivy is of the few adaptations of her to be mostly a hero, rather than a villain and eco-terrorist.
  • Poison Ivy is the youngest member of the Super Villain Girls.


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