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Poisony (Pandora for the English dub) is featured in episodes 12 through 20 and is the only woman of the five denizens of the Dusk Zone, followed by Regine. Instead of making a big show of calling on Zakennas like Pisard and Gekidrago, she snaps her fingers and is much more discrete about it. She often takes on a human appearance to gain the trust of the girls before attacking. In her true form, she resembles a vampire due to her pale skin, dark attire with cape, and fangs.

Poisony is the older sister of Kiriya. Or just someone seen as a sister to him and after she vanishes he vanished one episode later. Despite this, they only worked together in two episodes.


  • Out of the main five villains at the beginning of the series, Poisony had the most episodes. Having a total of 8 with her as the villain. Pisard only had 5, Gekidrago 6, and Kiriya had 2 or 3.
  • Poisony is the first female antagonist to appear in Pretty Cure.
  • Poisony is the first villain to use her own hair as a weapon, one after her is Sasorina.
  • Poisony's husband is Ilkubo.

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