The Polar Bear Thugs are minor antagonists (later anti-heroes) in the 2016 Disney animated feature film Zootopia. They are the enforcers of a mafia led by Mr. Big, the most feared crime boss in Tundratown.


The polar bear thugs were assigned to aid Mr. Big in his business in the Tundratown underworld, even sharing his sense of honor. It was not until two of them (Raymond and Kevin) spotted Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde snooping around in Mr. Big's limo due to the disappearance of Mr. Big's florist Emmitt Otterton. Being aware that Nick had a bad history with Mr. Big (due to selling him an expensive wool rug made out of a skunk's butt), Raymond and Kevin took Judy and Nick to to Mr. Big's office, where the other polar bear thugs (including Mr. Big's right-hand man Koslov) are awaiting them. Once Mr. Big tells the thugs to dispose of Judy and Nick by dunking them into the icy water, they were interrupted by Mr. Big's daughter Fru-Fru, who recognizes Judy as the officer who saved her from a crushing donut statue.

Upon learning of this, Mr. Big tells the polar thugs to stand down and spare the duo. The polar bear thugs are later seen attending Fru-Fru's wedding as guardians while Mr. Big explains to Judy that Otterton went savage (according to the limo driver Manchas). Judy and Nick later learned that Manchas have went savage along with 10 other predator citizens, and that they (along with Otterton) have been falsely detained by Zootopia Mayor Lionheart.

Following Lionheart's arrest and Dawn Bellwether's usurpation as the new Mayor, Judy learns that a flower called the Night Howler is responsible for the turning the predators savage and that Duke Weaselton tried to steal a few of them. Knowing that Duke was the one who kicked the donut statue that almost killed Fru-Fru, Judy informs Mr. Big, who then tells the polar bear thugs to dunk Duke in the ice water unless he tells everything. As such, Duke fearfully confesses that he wanted to sell the flowers to a ram named Doug Ramses, who is making a serum out of them as part of Bellwether's true plan to create a prey-supremacist society.


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