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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Polka Dot Man from the DC Extended Universe. The mainstream version can be found here: Polka Dot Man.

Sorry it's so... flamboyant.
~ Polka Dot Man talking about his abilities.
~ Polka Dot Man's most famous quote moments before his death at the hands of Starro.

Abner Krill, better known as Polka Dot Man, is a major villainous protagonist in the 2021 film The Suicide Squad, the tenth installment in the DC Extended Universe.

He is a man who, thanks to his mother's forced experiments on him, gained a virus that caused polka dot-like pustules and tumors to grow on his body which he has the ability to release and use as explosive projectiles. Upon killing his mother for the abuse she subjected him and his siblings to, Krill was sent to Belle Reve Penitentiary where he was later given the opportunity to join Bloodsport's second Task Force X team.

He was portrayed by David Dastmalchian, who also played Thomas Schiff in The Dark Knight, Murdoc in the MacGyver reboot series, Dwight Pollard in Gotham, Abra Kadabra in The Flash, and Piter de Vries in Dune.


Early Life

You must've really hated your mother to do what you did...
~ The Thinker regarding Polka Dot Man's backstory.

Abner Krill was one of many children that Mrs. Krill had who she subjected to multiple experiments in STAR Labs in order to "create superheroes" as a result of her experiments many of her children developed ailments including Abner who obtained a virus which caused polka dot pustules and tumors to grow all over his body which would consume him if he didn't drain them twice a day. After his siblings died thanks to her hands Krill went insane and murdered his mother in vengeance before becoming the Polka Dot Man. He was subsequently arrested and placed in Belle Reve where he was later given the opportunity to join Bloodsport's second Task Force X team.

The Suicide Squad

In 2021, Amanda Waller decided to reform the Suicide Squad to send them to Corto Maltese to destroy all evidence of America's involvement with Project Starfish. Abner was recruited into the second team under the command of Bloodsport, an assassin who was forced to join the squad due to Waller threatening to hurt his daughter. Once landing on Corto Maltese, Waller tasks the team with rescuing Rick Flag after his team were slaughtered by the Corto Maltese Armed Forces. Polka-Dot Man assists Bloodsport and Peacemaker in fighting against the soldiers they think are holding Flag, but find that he was rescued by resistance leader Sol Soria. The team manage to convince Soria to help them on their mission, and Abner tells his teammates about his condition after being questioned by Bloodsport.

Flag decides to divert the team's mission to rescue Harley Quinn, who survived the beach massacre was being interrogated by Silvio Luna. After Quinn is rescued from Luna, the team manage to capture the Thinker so he could lead them to Jotunheim to destroy the laboratory and learn more about Project Starfish. Once reaching the location, Abner worked with Bloodsport and Harley Quinn to plant explosives while Flag, Peacemaker and Ratcatcher went into the laboratory with the Thinker as King Shark wondered off after planting his explosives. While preparing the explosives, the team were attacked by Corto Maltese soldiers, and Krill accidently set them off by launching his polka dot projectiles. Polka-Dot Man, Harley and Bloodsport survived the incident, but the explosives allowed Starro the Conqueror to escape from his confinement and kill the Thinker.

Despite Waller ordering the team to leave the area as Starro starting mind control citizens with its spores, Bloodsport decided to lead his squad to fight against the creature. Krill was ordered by Bloodsport to attack the creature by telling the former that Starro was his mom, causing Abner to see his mother as a giant. Polka-Dot Man used his projectiles, causing Starro to yell in pain as his leg started to disintegrate. Overjoyed by his accomplishment, Abner declared that he was a superhero before being crushed by one of Starro's legs, killing him instantly. Despite his death, his teammates were able to kill Starro and free themselves from Waller via blackmailing her on keeping the intel that would expose America's involvement with Jotunheim. He was also mourned by his teammates, as Ratcatcher found a piece of his costume from the battle.


Polka Dot Man was a very insecure, pessimistic, lonely, and depressed man who was extremely emotionally damaged thanks to his mother to the point where he literally saw every single person as a twisted form of her. Eventually however he does manage to loosen up and become more relaxed and stable while bonding with his teammates. He ultimately dies happy believing himself to be a superhero who has done good in his effort to stop Starro.


Polka Dot Man is a handsome man in his thirties with a slender frame, mop like black hair, brown eyes and fair skin. He is usually seen in his super-suit, a white leather suit covered in polka dots with a matching mask and brown goggles, he also wore brown boots and gauntlets which acted as a trigger for allowing his polka dots to shoot. When he doesn't drain himself on time his body will be consumed and covered with multiple polka dot like growths which if not dealt with will kill him from inside out.

Powers & Abilities

He does throw Polka Dots at people.
~ Peacemaker about Polka Dot Man's powers
  • Polka Dot Projectiles: As a result of being experimented on by his mother, Abner is infected with an inter-dimensional virus that manifests itself as colorful albeit deadly pustules that slowly cover his body, which he needs to expel twice a day otherwise the pustules would quickly build up and kill him. Using his special gauntlets, Abner is able to fire the viruses in his body in the form of polka dot looking projectiles. The polka dots are highly lethal, shown to instantly meltdown human flesh on contact and burn down solid structures with little trouble, the dots also ignited multiple C4 bomb packs on accident. Polka Dot Man was one of the few members of Taskforce X that was able to deal considerable damage to Starro, with his polka dot projectiles able to tear down a large chunk of Starro's highly durable skin when King Shark and Bloodsport's attacks only mildly affected it.
  • Engineering Skills: Abner developed a specialized suit equipped with wrist-mounted equipment that allow him to control the viruses in his body and shoot them as polka-dot projectiles.





  • This is Polka Dot Man's first appearance in live action media.
  • This is David Dastmalchian's fourth comic book movie role following Thomas Schiff in The Dark Knight, Kurt in the Ant-Man films and both The Penguin and Calendar Man in the two part direct to DVD films Batman The Long Halloween.
    • This is also David Dastmalchian's fifth time playing a DC character following his role aforementioned roles as Schiff and both Calendar Man and The Penguin as well as his role as Dwight Pollard in Gotham and Abra Kadabra in The Flash.
  • Peter Capaldi, who played The Thinker in the film, said in an interview with "Absolute Radio" that Polka Dot Man was his favorite character, as well as this Dastmalchian and Capaldi became great friends during filming.
  • In the first draft of the film, Polka Dot Man survived and Ratcatcher 2 was killed by Starro instead, but James Gunn decided to kill Polka Dot Man off instead, as he felt that unlike Ratcatcher 2's, Polka Dot Man's character arc had been finished by that point.
  • In a deleted scene The Thinker taunts Polka Dot Man by telling him that "if you google world's lamest supervillain Polka Dot Man is the first result." while not exactly true it isn't far off from being the case as he is indeed still one of the top results even with the newly found love The Suicide Squad has given him.


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