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It's already over de aru. I have already won de aru.
~ Pollution President Batcheed's first words after Sousuke said that their war would end then.
Go-Ongers! Shinkengers! You will have a taste of my masterpiece using the power of the Gedoshuu de aru!
~ Batchedd when he enlarged.
Losing is not the end. It is giving up that is the end de aru! Give in!
~ Batcheed's final words before his death.

Pollution President Batcheed is the highest leader of the Gaiark and the main antagonist of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger: GinmakuBang!!, as well as the overarching antagonist of Engine Sentai Go-Onger as a whole. He is the founder of the Gaiark and the boss of Yogoshimacritein and the former boss of the Pollution Ministers Yogostein, Kitaneidas and Kegalesia.

He was voiced by Banjo Ginga.



Many years ago, Batcheed was the founder and the leader of Banki Clan Gaiark and was responsible for conquering and polluting the Braneworlds. He, along with his clan, conquered and polluted numerous Braneworlds and claimed them as theirs. This caused the Engines to start hate Gaiark and they swore to get revenge on them for destroying their Braneworlds. While Batcheed was the leader of the Gaiark, but Yogoshimacritein served as the leader during Batcheed's absence, while Yogostein served as the leader during his father Yogoshimacritein's absence. Eventually, Gaiark became extinct and Yogostein, Kitaneidas and Kegalesia were considered to be the last of their kind. While three Pollution Ministers attacked and tried to conquer the Human World, Batcheed remained and continued conquering the Braneworlds, but secretly plotted to return and conquer the Human World.

Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger

He was in the process conquering the Gunman World when he comes across the Go-Ongers. When they are all sent through a dimensional rift to the Human World, Batcheed teams up with the Gedoshu to defeat his foes and complete the Batchrium Plant on the moon's surface which can pollute all the Braneworlds by using the water of the Sanzu River. To assist him with his goals, Doukoku Chimatsuri has the Ayakashi Homurakogi go with him to fight the Sentai.

Batcheed also tried to recruit Yogostein, Kitaneidas and Kegalesia to serve him, but they refused as they didn't want to serve Gaiark anymore. Eventually, Yogostein, Kitaneidas and Kegalesia united with Go-Ongers and Shinkengers and helped the heroes defeat Batcheed.

Eventually, Batcheed took Hikoma Kusakabe and Bomper hostage and Sosuke and Takeru encountered Batcheed and his armies of Nanshi and Ugatz in the mountains and Takeru started to fight Sosuke by disregarding the safety of their friends for the safety of the Human World. Soon, it was revealed that it was just a diversion that allowed Shishi Origami to help Jii and Bomper escape as the Engines arrived with the other Go-Ongers and Shinkengers. Together, the two Super Sentai teams defeated the grunts and then confronted Batcheed hi.

After executing Industrial Revolution and combining with the Batchrium Plant, he is destroyed by the Samurai Giants and the Engines in the Samurai Formation 23.

He was succeeded as leader of the Gaiark by Pollution President Babatcheed, who appears in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger in Episode 36: Partner Pirate.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Batcheed was succeeded as leader of the Gaiark by the identical Pollution President Babatcheed.

Super Hero Taisen

Batcheed returns as a member of the Shocker-Zangyack Alliance. In the final battle, Batcheed is seen with various other Gaiark members, along with some Fangires, fighting the core five Go-Ongers and Kamen Rider Kiva. They were all destroyed by their combined power.


Batcheed is a ruthless, callous and arrogant tyrant, who will stop at nothing to destroy the Go-Ongers and Shinkengers and conquer the Human World and claim it for the Gaiark. However, he is still highly intelligent, manipulative and calculating and is a skilled strategist and manipulator, and can create cunning and devious tactics to deceive his enemies. Not much is known about him due to having not appeared until the teamup movie. We do know he wants to conquer the Braneworlds and make them polluted worlds. He is good at making deals with other villains, as he does with the Gedoushu. He doesn't actively betray them either, though that doesn't stop him from using Homurakogi as a living shield similar to Yogoshimacreitin. He doesn't show as much cruelty as his dictatorial lower rank Gaiark.

Powers and Abilities

  • Teleportation: Batcheed can teleportate to any location at his will. *Lightning Vision: Batcheed can fire red lightning beams from his three eyes.
  • Lightning Vision: Batcheed can fire red lightning beams from his three eyes.
  • Chest Laser Barrage: From the Gatling gun located on his chest, Batcheed could fire a barrage of red colored energy lasers which were powerful enough to take out the Engine-Oh G9.
  • Electro Turbines: Batcheed's signature attack where he spun the gears on his body around to launch gears made of orange energy at the enemy where they will spin around them in a massive circle and strike them all until they are knocked down. This took down all seven Rangers with just a handful of hits.
  • Hypno-Bolts: Batcheed could fire a barrage of screw bolts from his chest that were strong enough to send Takeru and Sosuke flying into the ocean.
  • Hatred Inducement: Anyone struck with Batcheed's Hypno-Bolts would instantly turn and try to slay each other.
  • Strength: Batcheed was shown to be quite powerful, strong enough to take out the Engine-Oh G9 with ease.
  • Durability: Batcheed was easily one of the most durable enemies ever faced in the entire franchise, shrugging off multiple slashes from the Super Spin Sword and Sosuke's Shark Sword-like Nitro Sword and also surviving enough to be rebuilt later on.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Batcheed could hold his own in battle against all Go-Ongers and Shinkengers very easily.

See also

  • Professor Cog his counterpart from Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie.



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