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Poltergeists, also known as Boffins in PAL regions, are enemies in the video game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon who also serve as mini-bosses during some in-game missions. They are psychic ghosts with large craniums.


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Luigi first encounters a Poltergeist in Gloomy Manor after Professor E. Gadd sent him on a mission to find one in the library. After he manages to enter the room, Luigi finds the Poltergeist playing a piano until the ghost is interrupted by his presence. The Poltergeist attempts to get rid of Luigi by throwing books at him using its telekinesis and tries to hide its position using invisibility. But Luigi eventually succeeds in vacuuming the ghost inside the Poltergust 5000. Later, more Poltergeists appear in the manor during a bonus mission.

At the Old Clockworks, Luigi is forced to track down an Ancient Poltergeist who took the clock hands required to explore the area further. He finds it in the Roundhouse where the Ancient Poltergeist gets assistances from other ghosts to fight Luigi and causes the floor to spin around in the centre of the room. Although Luigi does capture the Ancient Poltergeist, he only obtains one of the clock hands he needs to continue his hunt for the Dark Moon pieces. More Poltergeists eventually appear at the Old Clockworks during the bonus mission.

A variant of Poltergeist known as a Strong Poltergeist can be found in the Treacherous Mansion, where it takes a book Luigi needs to save his brother Mario. The Strong Poltergeist battles Luigi in the Space Exhibit where it uses its powers to transform the environment around them and make it appear they are actually fighting in space. The Strong Poltergeist will throw stars at Luigi and also toss bombs from within an astroid should it escape from the Poltergusts vacuum. However, Luigi still manages to defeats the ghost and retrieves the book it took.


Another type of Poltergeist called The Brain appears as the final boss of the Scarescraper. It is a giant ghost that can produce a force field around itself to break the vacuum of any players and has a lot of health. Unlike other boss ghosts in Scarescraper, The Brain has no other variants and is always found on the rooftop.


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