Polterguy is the main playable character of Haunting, which concerns the efforts of Polterguy to terrorize an entire family out of a house for revenge - although the family themselves are far from respectable citizens Polterguy is a stereotypical poltergeist and as such takes ghoulish delight in creating terror and his idea of punishment goes well beyond what most would consider just or fair.

Polterguy also feeds on fear, without enough fear Polterguy can not continue his haunting - his victims must be scared sufficiently that they are forced to flee their home in order for the game to be completed.

Since Polterguy's main objective is to terrorize a family out of their home (even if it was for revenge) makes him a kind of Protagonist Villain - as does his many varied pranks, many of which are gruesome and horror-themed.

Also Polterguy shows how vindictive he can really be as he not only scares them out of one home but actually follows them to their new homes in order to continually scare them out of their new residents (the different houses being the different levels).