Pompy, usually known as Pompy, the Presumptous, is a villain and boss in the video game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. He is a giant sea lion and a high-ranking member of the Snowmads. The Kongs fight him in Lost Mangroves, the first island in the game. The Kongs encounter Pompy in a circus where he is seen performing tricks for his fellow Snowmads. Pompy then confronts the Kongs himself and begins the battle.


Like all bosses in the game, Donkey Kong must deal 9 hits in order to defeat him. He'll start the battle by diving at the Kongs. The Kongs must jump on his back to damage him, but must be careful not to land on his spiky helmet. Once he is hit, he retreats to the water and throws green fishes at the Kongs, who can either be defeated or avoided. He'll also throw urchins as well, which the Kongs must dodge.

After taking three hits, he will go into this second phrase. In this phrase, he'll begin to roll around the arena, which the Kongs must avoid. After being hit, he will call in a group of penguins to ambush the Kongs from the water, with Pompy jumping out of the the water at the end. However, he'll slip up and be stunned, leaving him open for an attack.

After taking three more hits, he'll move on to his final phrase. Here, he'll summon three penguins to serve as backup and dive with him. Once he retreats to the waters, he'll throw in big purple fish instead of the green ones that takes three hits to defeat. Pompy will also begin to jump around in the arena, showing off to his Snowmads. He will, however, slip up and be stunned when performing his final jump.

When nine hits are dealt, Pompy is finally defeated, and is launched away by Donkey Kong.

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