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I always said that youth was wasted on the young, so... give me yours.
~ Ponce de Leon after Louie revealing his true intention.
There! I'll steal your youth, then I'll charge you for the float rental!
~ Ponce de Leon after trapping the Duck triplets in an inflatable pool ring.
~ Ponce de Leon's last words before his death.

Ponce de Leon is the main antagonist of the 2017 DuckTales reboot episode "The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades".

He is the founder and owner of the hotel Conquistador Inn, where he drained the water of the Fountain of the Foreverglades and used it to steal the youth of his visitors in order to stay young forever.

He was voiced by Nestor Carbonell, who also voiced Señor Senior, Junior on Kim Possible.


Five hundred years ago, Ponce de Leon discovered the Fountain of the Foreverglades, which was said to grant youth to whoever drinks its waters. However, he found that the Fountain actually had transferred youth from one person to another. Ponce de Leon first started draining the youth of his crew members, but eventually he had to lure people in. Since no one would follow him at first, he opened his hotel and drained the waters of the fountain into its pool. During his time as the hotel's owner, he would drain the youth of the young people who entered its pool.

During the events of the episode, Leon was first seen checking visitors into the hotel, including Scrooge and his family. Later on, Louie discovered that the hotel owner was Ponce de Leon, and that he was stealing youth, after he dropped some of the pool water onto a plant, causing it to age. Overhearing their conversation, Leon threatened the triplets with his sword and took them hostage. He explained how he's been draining youth for hundreds of years, and that he planned on draining theirs as well.

Before he could finish them, a new customer entered the hotel, causing Leon to go check on them. After he left, he was confronted by a young Scrooge and Goldie, who were also trying to figure out the fountain's true nature. They learned everything after they saw one of the customers jump into the pool and age rapidly, while Leon drank the water and became slightly younger. He then attacked the two of them with a sword, and when they nearly defeated him, he attempted to convince them to join him. As Scrooge was trying to convince Goldie not to take his offer, John D. Rockerduck and Jeeves appeared, with Rockerduck stealing some of the water for himself in order to restore his youth. Leon continued to attack Scrooge and Goldie, while they battled him and Rockerduck. Eventually, Rockerduck left after Jeeves was turned into a baby by the water. Leon once again tried to kill the two of them, but they defeated him and stole his sword, forcing him to run away. They started chasing him, and Scrooge and Leon then fell into the pool. Scrooge tried to swim to the surface, but Leon kept dragging him down as they both started aging. Goldie jumped into the pool to save Scrooge herself, leaving Leon to continue aging in the pool. He then surfaced briefly, and started rapidly aging to dust, ending his villainy forever.

The waters were then drained from the pool and used to restore the youth of all of the visitors that Leon tricked.


  • He is based on Juan Ponce de León, a Spanish explorer and conquistador who discovered Florida and served as the first governor of Puerto Rico.
  • Ponce de Leon is notable for being one of the only characters in the DuckTales reboot to be explicitly killed off, and at the end of his debut episode no less.
  • It seems his judgement got bad despite his youth. He locked the triplets in a supply room, where they could find a sharp object to pop the pool toy he trapped them in. Plus he tried forcing Scrooge to stay in the pool rather than get out.
  • It's surprising Ponce didn't get found out sooner; given a sudden increase in the elderly population in the local area every year would be suspicious. Plus within the last two decades DNA testing was accurate enough to prove the elders were in fact the missing teenagers who went on spring break. Truly a plot hole.

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