You summon me at your own peril, Starswirl! Once I defeat all of you, this realm will embrace the darkness, as I did so long ago!
~ The Pony of Shadows to the Pillars of Equestria.
I brought them together. I planned strategy, and I read all I could about the beasts we faced. But I didn't have magic or strength, so nopony ever noticed me. I went to Ponhenge to make my own copies of the artifacts. With them, I thought I could be a Pillar, too, and stand by their side in battle. I never wanted to steal their power. But instead of sharing and letting me help, my friends threw me out. So I became stronger than any of them! The darkness welcomed me when no pony would, and I will do what I must to protect it!
~ Stygian explaining his reason for becoming a villain to Twilight.

Stygian, better known as the Pony of Shadows, is a major antagonist in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, appearing as the main antagonist in the Season 7 finale, "Shadow Play".

He is a unicorn scholar and the founder of the Pillars of Equestria, who was also their friend as he brought them together to save his home and Equestria. After a terrible misunderstanding led him to be outcasted by the pillars, he was then transformed into a monstrous pony made entirely of shadows who desired to cover the entirety of Equestria in darkness before he was reverted back to his original form by the pillars as well as the Mane Six.

He was voiced by Bill Newton, who also played Bright Macintosh and Pharynx in the series.



The Pony of Shadows was originally a male unicorn named Stygian, who lived in Equestria 1,000 years prior to the events of the series. When Stygian's home was attacked by the Sirens, he summoned the help of the Pillars of Old Equestria: A group of 6 powerful ponies who had the power to defeat the Sirens. Their leader, Starswirl the Bearded, put an end to the Sirens' reign by banishing them to another dimension, causing the Pillars of Old Equestria to be hailed as heroes, while Stygian went unaccredited for his actions.

Stygian began to feel outcasted by this, and decided to use a spell to gain a better understanding of the Pillars of Old Equestria. However, this spell requires a specific item from each of the members, and his theft of these items lead the members to believe his spell was intended to steal their power. Angered, the Pillars of Old Equestria banished Stygian. Shortly afterwards, a heartbroken and embittered Stygian discovered the Well of Shade, where he encountered a mysterious and shadowy entity known "The Darkness", and the two merged into one being; the Pony of Shadows.

The Pony of Shadows then attacked the Pillars of Old Equestria and began spreading darkness and choas across the lands, desiring every pony to fell the pain he had. Realizing they couldn't defeat him, the Pillars used their combined magic to seal the Pony of Shadows in limbo. This ritual also causes themselves to become trapped in limbo as well. Fortunately, they planted the seeds for what would eventually become the Tree of Harmony to watch over Equestria in their absence.


Over a thousand years later, the Pony of Shadows is inadvertently released from limbo by Twilight Sparkle, once she and her friends learn of Starswirl being trapped. The Pony of Shadows then destroys Stonehenge and Starswirl's spell book so he can't be sent back to limbo and attempts to attack Starswirl. However, Twilight and Starlight Glimmer counter his attack, forcing him to retreat to shadowy areas of Equestria to regain his power. However, due to the industrialization of Equestria over the past millennium, many of the areas that were once known to be dark are now populated and bright, thus buying Twilight and her friends time to come up with a plan on how to locate and re-contain him.

Eventually, the ponies are pointed out by the castle's map to the location of The Pony of Shadows; an abandoned ghost town on the edge of Equestria. They travel there, and the entire town collapses into the ground to reveal a temple where the Pony of Shadows resides. They begin to use their magic to open up a portal to banish him, while Starlight attempts to urge Twilight to rethink their plan, believing Stygian can still be saved.


As the Pony of Shadows begins to slip into the portal, Twilight hears a voice from within the black mass that is his body, and dives in. She meets Stygian, sitting alone in the darkness. Stygian explains the entirety of the situation to her; in reality, Stygian actually wanted to make copies of the Pillars' artifacts so he could be heroes like them and never wanted to steal their powers. Unbeknownst to Twilight and Stygian, the Pillars and the rest of the Mane Six overheard their conversation, and the Pillars were shocked and horrified, now knowing they were wrong and realized they really should've asked and let him explain his true intentions. As the darkness begins to overtake Stygian again, Starlight joins Twilight and explains that she was like Stygian until Twilight managed to convince her of the power of friendship, although the darkness still pushes her and Twilight out. Twilight, Starlight, the Mane Six and the Pillars then combine their magic to pull Stygian out of the darkness, and the Pony of Shadows, without Stygian, cannot prevent himself from being sucked into the portal and banished back to limbo. With the Pony of Shadows gone and the Elements of Harmony and Pillars of Old Equestria both intact, the land is at peace once again, and Starswirl apologizes to Stygian and rekindles their friendship.


The Pillars and Stygian encountered an alternate version of the Pony of Shadows after he abducted a young Celestia and Luna, intending to turn them into Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon. Despite his power, the alternate Pony of Shadows was thwarted due to Stygian's inexplicable ability to command his creatures. When he attempted to blast Stygian, their magics reacted and caused an explosion, and Stygian announced himself before departing for home with the Pillars. The alternate Pony of Shadows, who had recognized all of the heroes except Stygian, was then revealed to be the Stygian of that universe.


Stygian, before becoming The Pony of Shadows.

Before his transformation, Stygian was a weak, skinny unicorn with a gray coat and a blue mane. He wears a brown coat over his body. His horn is tinier than any other unicorn's horn.

After becoming The Pony of Shadows, he takes on the form of an amorphous dark gray Alicorn with glowing white eyes and wispy, smoke-like wings. His horn becomes large and curved, much like King Sombra.

In both forms, he speaks in an indistinct European-sounding accent. In his mutated form, his voice also has a filter effect similar to what Queen Chrysalis had in Season 2, albeit much deeper.

Stygian was reverted back to his original form after being separated from The Pony of Shadows.


Before becoming completely evil, Stygian was rather soft-spoken, persuasive, imperturbable, and non-confrontational. Rockhoof refers to him as "scholarly".

As the Pony of Shadows, he becomes much more arrogant and loud. He constantly belittles the Pillars of Old Equestria and mocks Twilight for unknowingly setting him free. Even until the moment of his defeat, he maintains his composure and acts unfazed.

After being separated from the darkness and reconciling with Star Swirl, Stygian forgives him and the Pillars and returns to being a happier and kinder pony.

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  • The Pony of Shadows is the least recurring antagonist of the entire series, appearing in only two episodes. 
  • A mythical entity referred to as "The Pony of Shadows" was mentioned in the Season 4 episode, "Castle Mane-ia". However, this event is never mentioned in the Season 7 finale, so it is unknown if these two entities are one and the same.
    • Not to mention that the aforementioned entity was explained as being the accumulated hatred of Nightmare Moon, whereas the entity featured in Season 7 is something completely different. However, this could be a case of information being distorted over time within the universe.
  • The Pony of Shadows is the only major villain to not be included in the two-part episode The Beginning of the End. The reason for this is because the darkness that corrupted Stygian is sent to limbo. 
  • The Pony of Shadows is one of the few major villains who never made a reappearance in the show so far, despite appearing in the cover of Stygian's novel. 
  • Despite being the main antagonist of Season 7 finale, Star Swirl was the one who got Stygian falls into darkness, mainly due to his prejudice and stubbornness.
    • If Star Swirl wouldn't have to betrayed him as he would've asked and let him explained his actions, Stygian wouldn't have to consume his darkness.
  • Pony of Shadows is very similiar to Nightmare Moon in many ways.
    • Both are used to be normal ponies.
      • Pony of Shadows is originally Stygian.
      • Nightmare Moon is originally Princess Luna.
    • Both used to have allies before they fall into dark side.
      • Stygian to Pillars of Old Equestria.
      • Princess Luna to Princess Celestia.
    • Both were overshadowed by their allies which leading to fall into dark side.
      • Stygian were overshadowed when he was unaccredited for his actions while the Pillars are hailed as heroes, leading him to stealing a specific item from each of the members so he could be noticed.
      • Princess Luna were overshadowed when everypony admire and appreciate her sister Celestia, leading her to grow jealous of her.
    • Both become consumed in their hatred which gained their dark forms.
      • Stygian became Pony of Shadows after misunderstanding led the Pillars betrayed and banished him for his actions.
      • Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon after consuming her jealousy inside of her.
    • Both facing their former allies for their vengeance before they were banished.
      • Pony of Shadows attacked the Pillars before they sacrificed themselves to trapped him inside limbo.
      • Nightmare Moon facing Princess Celestia before she was banished to the moon.
    • Both were escape from their banishment to complete their revenge.
      • After Twilight Sparkle released the Pillars from limbo, she realizes that she accidentally released Pony of Shadows from limbo as well.
      • Nightmare Moon was released during Summer Sun Celebration before facing Twilight Sparkle and her new friends.
    • Both became archenemies to Mane Six, beside from their former allies.
    • Both were followed by Mane Six to the new places they go to.
      • Pony of Shadows goes to an abandoned ghost town on the edge of Equestria.
      • Nightmare Moon goes to a forbidden Everfree Forest.
    • Both were attacked by the Elements of Harmony.
    • Both were reformed by Mane Six, which leading them to make amends with their allies they betrayed and abandoned their alter-egos, though their alter-egos still be mentioned.
      • Twilight and Starlight goes inside Pony of Shadows and convinced Stygian to turn over the new leaf so he could make amends with the Pillars, leading Pony of Shadows gets sent back to limbo.
      • The Mane Six defeated Nightmare Moon with Elements of Harmony, leading her to turned back to normal and make amends with Celestia.
  • The Pony of Shadows is similar to Venom, as they were both disgraced by famous heroes (The Pillars of Equestria for Stygian and Spider-Man for Eddie Brock), and so they become consumed in their hatred which attracted a sentient darkness which transformed them into supervillains.
  • Stygian is similar to Buddy Pines, as both of their heroes shunned them for their actions (Star Swirl to Stygian and Mr. Incredible to Buddy), which caused them to fall into darkness while adopting new identities (Stygian became Pony of Shadows and Buddy to Syndrome) as a result. However, while Stygian eventually redeemed himself after being convinced by Twilight and Starlight, Syndrome ended up getting killed after his cape gets caught on a jet turbine.


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