Ponytail Express

Ponytail Express is a is a minor antagonist in the 2013 Marvel film Iron Man 3. He is an unnamed bodyguard working for Aldrich Killian of A.I.M..

He was portrayed by Mark Kubr.


The bodyguard was involved in Killian's plan to overthrow President Ellis of the United States. As part of his assignment, he and another bodyguard were tasked to watch over the captured Tony Stark.

The two bodyguards find themselves annoyed by the clicking of Stark's Dora the Explorer watch, so they smashed it on the ground, but Stark flatly reveals that the watch actually belongs to the young sister of a boy named Harley Keener. Nicknaming one of the bodyguards as "Ponytail Express" due to his ponytail, Stark began questioning him on how far Tennessee was from Miami. Ponytail correctly said that it would 832 miles, which impressed Stark.

Ponytail Express then watched as Stark claimed he would free himself and kill him and his partner very soon while making strange hand gestures and advising them both to leave, which confused both Ponytail and his partner. Eventually, one of Stark's Iron Man armors burst into the room piece by piece, allowing Stark to fight back against his two guards. Although Ponytail still attempted to fight back, he was eventually overpowered and knocked out as Stark made his escape.

It is unknown what happened to Ponytail following the deaths of the Killian and the rest the Extremis Soldiers.


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Ponytail Express



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