Poodle is the main antagonist of the animated series Almost Naked Animals along with her small gum-loving henchman, Batty. She despises her brother Howie and would stop at nothing to take over his business at the Banana Cabana. She is voiced by Alyson Court, who would later go on to voice Trina Riffin from Grojband.


Poodle is a pink almost named poodle. Every part of her is shaved except for her ears and top of her head and end of her tail where she has pink puffy hair. She wears a blue bikini and a dark blue collar that serves as a necklace with a blue diamond on it. She has red lipstick and blue eyeliner.


Poodle is a very cruel and vile poodle who is very full of herself and cares very little about anybody else. She abuses Batty and hates Howie.



  • Poodle was the one that convinced Howie to become a stunt actor.
  • It is unknown why she wants the Banana Cabana to be destroyed. She once stated that she wants the beach all to herself.
  • Her personal assistant is Batty.
  • Her hotel is destroyed in some episode it appears in.
  • In "The Brother and Sister Games", she made a commercial for a perfume called "Only Child".
  • Poodle once got hit on the head and became a soda pop pirate.
  • Her perfume is called Only Child and in the advert she says "all the attention none of the sharing".
  • Poodle might look like her mom except she has more rich snobby attitude.
  • Poodle and Howie's parents are like their kids because they share a happy relationship around the Christmas episode.
  • People don't know much about her (and Howie's) mom and dad.

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