This moose was delicious! But you know, I'm still hungry!
~ Poor Hungry Cat

The Poor Hungry Cat (or Poor, Hungry Little Kitty Cat as the episode calls him) is a one-shot antagonist from the Woody Woodpecker Show, appearing in the episode Pantry Panic. He appears as a tall, black-furried cat.

He was voiced by the late Danny Webb.

The Cat has been traveling during the winter looking for for food. He arrives at Woody's house, telling the audience he's really hungry, so hungry that he would even eat a woodpecker. He knocks on Woody's door and Woody, who had been starving for a month and hallucinating, attends the door.

The two immediately decide to eat each other, so Woody invites him inside and strangles the cat with his own scarf, then throw him inside a stove to cook him. The act escapes and kicks Woody inside the stove, using a cleaver to attack Woody as he tries to escape. Woody escapes, so he starts throwing furniture at him, trapping him in the wall with a fork.

Woody knocks him inside a pan on his fireplace, but the Cat picks him up and the two start beating each other, but their fight is interrupted by a moose which shows up on the doorstep, so the two stop fighting and run after the moose. The next scene shows the two ate the moose down to it's bones, but as soon as the food is over they decide to go at each other again.


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