Popee (ポピー Popī) is the titular main protagonist of the 2001 anime series, Popee the Performer, and its manga spin-off, Popee's Cartoon. He is a 17-year-old apprentice clown at Wolf Circus and the only son of the senior clown Papi.


Popee is a young boy with light skin, dark blue eyes and blond hair. He wears a white and red striped body suit with a cat tail, along with a pink rabbit-eared hat and a blue satchel.

As depicted in drawings by Wakako Masuda, the wife of the show's creator Ryuji Masuda and character designer, Popee wears short pigtails underneath his hat.

When Popee is in his evil form, his skin color changes from normal to pure white along with blue streaks drawn next to his eyes, wider mouth red lips, a larger nose and sharper tail and bunny ears similar to that of a devil/Satan.


Popee appears to have a really short-tempered, envious, and insane personality throughout the show. He seems to try to be better than everyone else, showing jealous acts of envy, for example, towards Papi when he is able to complete tricks that Popee is incapable of doing. It is same with Kedamono, the assistant, who suffers the most from his violent outbursts. Popee does not hate Kedamono, despite the violence and abuse he directs towards him.

Popee is self-centered and arrogant, but also lonely and depressed. He feels less alone when around Kedamono, though.

Despite his temperamental behavior towards others, Popee appears to be fond of his younger sister named Marifa. He apparently is unaware of her true, devilish nature and thinks she is without fault.


  • His face when evil bears a strong resemblance to the Joker from the Batman franchise, and DC Comics in general.
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