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The Port Mafia are the secondary antagonists of the Bungo Stray Dogs franchise. 

The Port Mafia is a criminal organization run by Ougai Mori, it is comprised of a large cast of gangsters with supernatural abilities. The origins of the organization are mysterious; however, it's known that at least three agents from the Armed Detective Agency have a past with most of its members. Although many of the members are wanted men, the general police force doesn't actively hunt them because of their power. They also have an Ability Business Permit that lets them perform some villainous operations in a legal way. They share a longtime rivalry with the Armed Detective Agency yet they're willing to cooperate with each other in order to defeat outside threats who plot to destroy Yokohama.


The Port Mafia is run by Ougai Mori, but he divides his power between the executives. There are at least three sub-factions that consist of the guerrilla squad, Black Lizard (Assassins), and the intelligence unit. The intelligence unit's current status is unknown since Ango Sakaguchi defected. The guerrilla attack squad has control over the Black Lizard.




There are 5 executive positions. Ougai currently keeps at least 1 spot open at all times in hopes that Dazai will come back to the mafia. Only three known executives are left, however. With Paul always being underground

Guerrilla Attack Force[]

Black Lizard[]

The Black Lizard is known as the most brutal of the Port Mafia factions. They are a sub faction of the Guerrilla Attack Force.

  • Ryūrō Hirotsu (Leader)
  • Gin Akutagawa (Commander)
  • Michizō Tachihara (Commander)

Other Members[]


The Flags are a group of young mafiosi age 25 or younger. Piano Man is the founder of the group and was close to getting a spot as one of the five executives. Piano Man also came up with the group name, after spending three months thinking of it, though most of the members forget it and don't use it. All of them have their own responsibilities in the Port Mafia.

  • Albatross (Deceased)
  • Doc (Deceased)
  • Iceman (Deceased)
  • Limmpmann (Deceased)
  • Piano Man (Deceased)

Defected Members[]

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