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I have come to posses everything in the Aoi Cosmos... by obeying the dice... and following their guidance. These dice will never betray me. It matters not if my son resorts to foolish tactics. It matters not if the Empire falls. Nor if millions... nor even billions die. The ultimate result will be the same. I will be victorious. That fate has already been determined... and will remain unchanged as long as I possess the absolute power of the Empire Dice.
~ Poseidon Nero declaring his predicted victory.

Poseidon Nero is a major antagonist of the manga/anime series, Edens Zero, serving as one of the main antagonists (alongside Ziggy) in the Nero 66 Arc. He is one of the Oración Seis Galáctica that ruled the Aoi Cosmos through the Nero Empire as its emperor. He is also the adopted father of Poseidon Shura


Poseidon Nero is an elderly, humanoid alien with features of an aquatic creature. His hair is entirely made up of tentacles and has fins for sideburns. His outfit consists of a high collared coat held together and wears a cape that possesses the Nero Empire insignia on the back.


Poseidon Nero is a being that operates strictly based on the fate that the Empire Dice tell him. He has a strong reliance on using them and deems it foolish to defy their accuracy, believing in their predictions. Due to this, he has no issue with putting people through oppression and misery, and declaring the purge of the robots on Foresta, as long as the dice have decided that this will lead to an outcome in his favor.

Despite this, he claims that his actions are to ensure the safety of living organisms, though in reality his actions do more harm than they do good. In addition, while he does not express it personally, he does seem to be a bit of an egotist as he has named his own sector and every planet he has under his control after himself.

His fatalistic mindset would prove to be his arrogance and downfall however when the dice led him to believe that he would be able to beat Ziggy by decapitating his head, something that his opponent was anticipating he would do and use it against him.


15 years ago Poseidon Nero adopted Shura into royalty and had Ziggy mentor Shura. At one point, he also played in Lyra's Card Game and won, taking Lyra's left eye as a price.

During the meeting Emperor Nero announces his generals about Shura's promotion to leading the empire, as well as a war against Demon King Ziggy. Later on, when asked about Shura's ruling by Fabiano, Nero says that the dices determined it and doesn't care if the empire falls as long as he can win.

Following the defeat of the Oceans 6's younger members, Nero is confronted by an intruder, namely Jaguar, who decimates many men of his army including Oceans 6's Fabiano and ends up confronting the emperor. The two are then confronted by Ziggy. When it looks the three would fight each other, Ziggy sends Brigandine and Killer at Jaguar, who kills them both with ease, but Jaguar is then killed when Nero shoots him in the head. The two then fight and Nero seems victorious and gets to learn about Shura's intent of killing them both to reign over the empire, so he sends the bombs to Shura's planet, who tries to detonate them anyway, but is stopped by Shiki. Then, Ziggy stabs Nero, revealing that decapiation doesn't kill him. Then, Ziggy defeats and kills Nero and absorbs his powers, putting an end to Nero's reign.


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