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Poseidon Shura is an antagonist of the Edens Zero manga, serving as the secondary antagonist in the Nero 66 Arc. He is the adopted son of Poseidon Nero.


Shura is a young man with spiky hair. He wears a dark jacket and dark pants.


Like several other villains inhabiting the Cosmos' setting, Shura is a cruel man who cares little about people around him and kills some without hesitation. He's also arrogant and blood-thirsty, seeking some challenge for him, even if it's his teacher Ziggy. He also displays some sociopathic traits, as he kills two women around him just to prove a point, kills the general merely for making a mistake and doesn't care if his own adoptive father dies in battle or even to kill either him along with Ziggy or any of them, dependent on who wins the battle, with his bombs as it would mean he'd reign over what is left.


Fifteen years ago, Shura was a child chosen by Poseidon Nero and trained by Ziggy, but as time passed, Shura became arrogant, cruel and bloodthirsty due to having his magic and his position as prince.

Shura at first appears with two women and is greeted by another woman who came too late. After the woman apologized for being too late, Shura killed the other two just to prove a point.

During the meeting, Shura expects to fight Ziggy and when they prepare, kills Cyca of the Oceans 6 for being a robot, since he doesn't want a robot to fight Ziggy.

He later is on a planet with Ijuna and four of the Oceans 6, with the remaining one discussing the matters about Shura. He later sets in to fight Ziggy and kills his general for accidentally calling his secretary his loved one. He then is confronted by Eraser after some soldiers on his and Eraser's side were killed. But soon he is confronted by Shiki's ship. He then stops the ship and is confronted by Shiki. After having some talk about both being on the way to fight Ziggy and their adoptive family, the two begin fighting. After some punches, Shura asks if Shiki could be his friend, but due to Shura's racism, Shiki refuses. So, Shura leaves battlefield and leaves Shiki to fight some robots.

He later captures Witch, Sister and Hermit, with the three being damaged. He leaves Sister and Hermit back to be found by Shiki, but uses Witch to torture her to spare time. When Nero's planet is stormed by Jaguar, he abandons his people when he's informed by the situation and reveals his plan to kill both Nero and Ziggy which surprises Witch as Nero is Shura's adoptive father. Shura is later confronted by Shiki when Witch is almost killed by him. Then, both of them fight until Shura appears to have killed Shiki after ripping out his left eye. Then, Shura kills his henchmen on the room and leaves Rebecca alive so he can make her watch him blowing up a planet. Then, his plan is foiled when Nero, who learned about this, sends the 20.000 anti-matter bombs to Shura's planet, but Shura remains unconvinced and attempts to press the switch, but is interrupted by Shiki. The two continue their fight then. After Nero's defeat, Shura is defeated by Shiki. Then, Ziggy proceeds to blow up Shura's planet and the bombs begin to rip the planet apart. Short after, Shura escaped into another room, where he's confronted by Ijuna, who rather than being angry on him, actually admits to have happen in love with him. Shura starts crying in that there are people who care about him. Short after, Shura and Ijuna are killed in the explosion that happens when the timer reaches zero.


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