Poses OII Robot Girl

Poses OII

Poses OII is one of the Mechanical Beast Girls and an antagonist in the Robot Girls Z anime, only appearing in the episode "Shocking! Great Battle Aboard the Numazu".

She was voiced by Aya Suzaki.


Poses OII is an aquatic Mechanical Beast Girl. She is a girl in her late teens. She has fair skin, golden blonde hair, and dark blue eyes. She wears a magenta seahorse costume, a long-sleeved pink shirt, magenta gloves, pink tights, and magenta boots. Her costume has a red fin going down on its back, a pink belly with a red outline, and yellow spikes on the back of its tail. There are two red pincer clawa attached to her gloves.


Poses OII is extremely loyal to her leader, as well as the ideals of the Underground Empire for the exercise of control over the world. She has a strong aversion of being ignored which happens quite a lot. She frequently behaves in a particular way to bring "-kro" to a final point of her sentences.

Powers and Abilities

Apart from her swimming abilities and her seahorse outfit, it is unknown what her powers and abilities are. She is unable to take part in a violent struggle against anyone involving the exchange of the use of weapons.


Poses OII, Balanger M2 and Glossam X2 took an aggressive action against the Robot Girls. She was taken into the Demon Captain's fishing boat, but she was strung up on a hook. When she eventually showed herself, she was stuck and ignored by everyone including her fellow members. So, Poses just encouraged them with shouts, as they often struck the Robot Girls violently and abused them sexually. However, the seagulls attacked her and struck her outfit with their beaks. As her friends failed to remember her, she was left on the boat that they traveled it with sails. She then felt the need for food, and insisted on having squid from the fishing sailors.

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