My Super Saiyan God form would eat Superman for lunch. Like a delicious muffin. That's right, I'm talking to you... Ben Singer! I bet you can't even sing...
~ The possessed toy.
We see them Ben... they're very angry. We see the comments. We see everything!
~ The toy to Ben.

The Possessed Super Saiyan God Goku Pop Vinyl Figure is a possessed toy modeled after the character Son Goku from the Dragon Ball anime and manga franchise. He serves as an antagonist in a commercial for the Pop Figurines on, which showed in the DEATH BATTLE episode "Kirby vs. Majin Buu".

He was voiced by Lawrence "MasakoX" Simpson, who also voiced Goku in Dragon Ball Z Abridged.


ScrewAttack! employee (and voice of DEATH BATTLE character Wizard) Ben Singer walks through the office, and sees a mound of Super Saiyan God Goku Pop Vinyl figures on a desk. He is thrilled about this, and clumsily opens one up to admire it, turns to the audience and claims that it's his best friend.

However, the figure begins speaking to him, calling him out for the result of another DEATH BATTLE episode, "Goku vs. Superman", where Goku lost. The toy scares Ben, causing him to drop it in a trash can and duck behind the desk. The figure teleports back up to the desk, then tells Ben that it sees all the angry comments on the battle, and "sees everything" (where it parodies Woody from Toy Story and spins its head all the way around, but for an extended period of time).

Ben then states the he does not want the toy anymore, traps him back in the box, and offers him up to the audience as a Christmas present. Boomstick then voices over the figure's muffled voice, telling the audience that they too can own "one of these totally not possessed limited edition Pop Vinyl figures" by going to The DEATH BATTLE then resumes, so it is unknown what become of the figure.

It is unknown how the figure got possessed in the first place.


Little is known about the figure's personality, only that it is evil, arrogant, manipulative, and angered that he did not win the DEATH BATTLE against Superman. He claims his Super Sayan God form could easily win over Superman (though this is shown to be false in a later rematch battle), and he brings up all of the nasty and vituperative comments that disappointed and upset fans left on the video.


The figure appears as a small, plastic version of Goku with an enlarged head and eyes. It has pink hair, eyebrows, and eyes, and wears Goku's iconic orange and blue uniform with blue and white shoes.




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