The Bounty - Potted Plant (cropped)

The Potted Plant is a bounty hunter hired by Lord Hater to capture Wander. After that, he abandoned the bounty hunting business in order to become a conqueror. Judging by his ship, he is a Boba Fett's parody.


The Potted Plant, along with Rongruffle and Killbot 86, were the three best bounty hunters in the Yonder Galaxy. The three were hired to capture Wander and Sylvia after Hater became displeased with Commander Peepers' constant failure. Commander Peepers, ensuring that they wouldn't take his place as Hater's second-in-command, made it his goal to stop the bounty hunters. After Peepers foiled both Rongruffle and Killbot 86 from capturing Wander, he was confronted by the seemingly ordinary Potted Plant who then revealed himself to be a sentient and carnivorous plant alien who then ate Peepers alive along with Wander and Sylvia, and planned to hand them over to Lord Hater. But Peepers then used his helmet to cut the plant in half, thus freeing him and Wander, much to Hater's anger. However, despite being cut in half, the Potted Plant survived.

In "The Gift", the Plotted Plant is one of the individuals whom Wander & Sylvia gave a present to and he appeared quite happy with it.


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