Poupelin (also known as "Pupulan" in the English version) is the secondary antagonist of Sailor Moon Super S: the Movie. He is the enthusiastic older brother of the reluctant Perle (Peruru). He is loyal to Queen Badiane, as are two other fairies, Banane and Orangeat, as he mesmerizes children with his magical flute. He also uses it when he throws wrapped-up pieces of candy and plays it to bring them to life as Bon-Bon Babies. When Sailor Uranus, using her power knife, asks him what he's doing with the children, he says his group "just lets them stay children forever". When he plays his flute, Sailor Uranus cuts it, and he screams for Badiyanu's help as he transforms into a blue hummingbird, causing his blue Bon-Bon Babies to fade away forever, making him the last one to be transformed.