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Don't get carried away. We're just making a living here. There are countless people who could kill us out there, and I didn't survive until now by being arrogant. Those GIP bastards thought they could use me and then just dispose of me. We're going to kill them all along with those investigators! We need more carnage, more destruction! Give all our stock to our brothers!
~ Powell to the refugee.

Powell is a major antagonist in Girls' Frontline. He is the supplier who worked for Paradeus by kidnapping the children from various orphanages and bringing them for William von Oberstein to use them to clone the Nytos.

He made his first appearance in Dual Randomness as the primary antagonist and later appeared in Mirror Stage as the minor character.


Powell is an overweight man who wore the tan-colored coat and trouser with the green sweater, white shirt and red tie. He also wore the tan fedora hat and two pairs of leather shoes. He also have blue eyes and have the blonde hair and beard.


Not much was known of Powell's background except he was born in Germany, though he began to work for Paradeus as he supplied William von Oberstein by kidnapping the children from the orphanages and bringing them to him in order to create and clone the Nytos.

He was also responsible for kidnapping Anna who later turned into a Nyto Larva and was then placed in the submarine lab in Paldiski.

Dual Randomness

Powell appears in the story where he was contacted by William who instructed him to instigate the riot in the refugee settlement area. He supplied the refugees with weapons and have them attacked the citizens as he also released the hallucinogen which turned the victims into ELIDs.

When the armed forces showed up into the scene, Powell immediately believed that they were trying to capture him and fled as the refugees fought with the armed forces. He ran into the basement of the building, only to be caught up by Angelia; the leader of DEFY, Morridow and Hopps, who then betrayed the group and revealed himself to be the member of the German Independence Party.

Eventually, both Powell and Hopps were stopped by the DEFY dolls and were captured.

Mirror Stage

In the aftermath of the event, Powell, Hopps and Leone Michel were all arrested for their crimes and both Powell and Hopps were sentenced in the Bremen Prison.

Later, it was revealed that the Stasi have interrogated and tortured him in order to get the information of Paradeus' activities from him.

He was later placed in the interrogation room as he was to be in the meeting was arranged by Angelia. Upon seeing her, he wasn't pleased with her presence due to their past encounter. When Angelia asked him about who the person who protected Leone and demanded the explanation of why the person was doing that, he refused and angrily insulted her, thus causing her to beat and torture him as he pleaded her to stop. He then explained to her about Leone's research and that person wanted her core technology in order to turn it into the weapon of mass destruction that can be used in terror attacks.

During the prison breakout caused by Paradeus, Powell ran around in the chaos as he panicked and was then caught by M82 and Kolibri who escorted him to safety.


Powell was a cruel and arrogant person who aided Paradeus in their goal of taking over the world and kidnapped the children from the orphanages with the lack of shame and remorse like his superiors. However, he was also a coward who was willing to use dirty tricks and even run away from the situations when he finds them not going according to his plans.


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