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All right! Bow before me, human! My name is Power! Are you the so-called buddy?!
~ Power introducing herself.
Humans! Make haste! Allow me to kill something! I starve for blood!
~ Power annoying Denji due to her boredom.
Before I became a devilman, I was a devil feared by all, you see. Pathetic demons likely run as soon as they catch a whiff of my scent!
~ Power bragging about her fearsome reputation.

Power is one of the main protagonists in Chainsaw Man. Also known as the Blood Fiend, she is one of the Devilmen that works for the Devil Hunter squad because one of the devils had kidnapped her fiend and was paired with Denji much to his disappointment due to her childish, stubborn and condescending behavior with a tiny bit of misanthropic tendencies. However, as the time went by, despite sometimes quarreling with Denji, Power also forms a bit of relationship towards him even though it's a vitriolic relationship and seemingly mellows down with humans in the end.


Power mostly appears as a humanoid devil with a long reddish pink hair, large two horns, her red and yellow eyes with an irises that form a cross pattern and her sharp teeth with fangs being one of her most notable features. Being one of the members of the Devil Hunters, she also wears a casual uniform that the Devil Hunters wore despite her suit is rather unkempt with an unbuttoned suit with a white shirt tucked inside of it, a black tie and the pants.

In her casual day outfit, she mostly wears a shirt with number 76.1 written on her chest and a black shorts while also wearing some breast-pads to make her rather well endowed. If Power consumed too much blood, some of her horns would either become larger or she will gain additional horns from her head. In the flashbacks, Power still retains her humanoid form albeit her appearance is rather ragged and being naked.

As she was resurrected as a devil, her devil form can be described as having a form of an almost naked woman. Despite this, she has a shark-like face, eyes similar to a goat, long ears/horns, a mat of long hair, exposed innards through a split-open chest, two pairs of clawed, blackened arms, black legs ending in high heel-like feet, and a monkey-like tail.


I can only get along with cats. I hate humans! It's just a devil's instinctual sort of hatred. And I also hate devils. Because devils kidnapped my pet Nyako! Before I could get Nyako back, I was caught by Makima. It might already have been killed, but I haven't given up. If I can get my Nyako back from that devil, then I'll do anything. Even allying with humans. One such as you likely cannot comprehend the feelings I harbor towards cats.
~ Power explaining her traits and nature.

Power can be described as a childish, rude spoiled and condescending towards other people around her due to her nature as a devilman. Her spoiled and rude behavior can be exemplified with her rarely keeping her hygiene fresh much to Denji and Aki's disappointment while viewing them being too obsessed with hygiene. Power can also be described as a thirsty blood knight due to her thirst of carnage and bloodshed which resulted on some of her actions can be considered reckless and harmful towards other people working with her. Despite her blood knight nature, Power can also be described as a coward as she has no hesitations to flee when the going gets though for her. In addition, Power's condescending behavior can be shown of her hatred with humans, sometimes belittling them. This was justifiable as the hatred of humans are the natural traits that devils like Power had.

Power is also a compulsive liar. Evidenced by the fact that when she commit several problems and was punished by Makima or other people, she will lie to save her skin in order to not get into trouble and letting Denji taking the blame of her actions. Her lie can be considered as a dangerous weapon as evidenced by the fact that she used it to lure Denji by fabricating a story in order to take Denji's guard down and feeding him to the Bat Devil. Another one of her traits is that she is also an insatiable glutton, evidenced by her eating several foods the Devil Hunters needed to survive in the Hotel when they were trapped by the Eternity Devil or hoarding food for herself in the Division 4's newbie welcoming party. Despite her gluttonous appetite, she has a contempt towards vegetables and has no hesitation throwing it away.

Despite her seemingly problematic behavior, it is shown that Power had some positive traits that she had. One of them being experiencing a compassion and strong bond towards her pet cat, Nyako, after finding him malnourished despite she used to be a devil who only prioritize killing other animals. This resulted on Power had no choice but to conspire with the Bat Devil to kidnap more humans to save her pet cat that was kidnapped. As the story went by, Power began to mellowed down with her hatred of humans and even has no hesitation to call Denji her friend. This was evidenced by their trip to Hell which resulted on Power increasingly paranoid after meeting with Darkness Devil who brutally maimed her. However, her mellowed personality also ended up becoming her downfall as she was murdered mercilessly by Makima just because Power wants to give Denji a birthday cake.


In the past, Power used to be a savage devil who roams around other areas while being naked and filthy and only cared about killing several animals that she had encountered, including a giant bear. However, her life suddenly changed when she met with a rather malnourished cat as Power ended up naming her as Nyako. Initially wanting to fattening him up in order to eat him, Power suddenly formed a strong bond with Nyako before a Bat Devil intervenes with their relationship and kidnapped Nyako from her while using the poor kitty as a hostage in order to make Power cooperate with him to kidnap a human in order to regenerate his severed arm. As a result, Power then grew a seething hatred towards the Bat Devil. After she was captured by the Devil Hunter Organization and it's leader, Makima, Power decided to become a devil hunter to save Nyako and tried to lure a dim-witted human in order to be fed by the Bat Devil.

Introducing herself in Chapter 4, Makima decides to pair Power with Denji under the recommendation of Aki in order to experiment with the 4th section squad while expecting to get results from them. Denji then become ecstatic after getting paired with Power due to the prospect of being paired with female partner would give Denji an opportunity to touch a woman's breasts. During their small scale patrol, Power smacks Denji's head due to her boredom not killing somebody to satisfy her bloodshed. Unable to find any devils in their small scale patrol, Denji suddenly grew frustrated with Power suspecting that this is because of her fearsome reputation as a devil which scares other devils away.

However, after smelling a scent of blood, Power decides to track the whereabouts of the smell in which Denji attempts to stop her to no avail. After discovering the source of the smell coming from the Namako Devil in Nerima Station which was sealed by the civilian devil hunter, Power decides to commit an unnecessary carnage towards the devil to satiate her bloodlust which causes an huge explosion of blood as her body was soaked with it while she laughing maniacally for the mess that she had done.

Due to Power's recklessness, Makima then appears on the crime scene and reprimand both Denji and Power about the latter's actions which would potentially get them arrested while also reprimand Denji being unable to restrain Power's bloodlust. Deciding to evade responsibility, Power lied that her unnecessary carnage that she had caused is because Denji ordered her to do it which caused her and Denji having a small quarrel until Makima attempts to reconcile the two.

As the two take a bit of a break with them buying a juice, Power tells Denji about the Devil's natural instinct on hating humans and her affinity with cats due to what happened in the past. Deciding to use Denji as a bait for the Bat Devil in order to save her cat, Power decides to offer Denji to participate in a little mission to save her cat while offering him a reward that he could touch her breasts after successfully rescuing her cat. This resulted on Denji agrees on participating in Power's little mission and went into the location where the devil is hiding.

Arriving at the location, Denji suddenly becomes suspicious of Power's story about the devil would be scared if it saw Power and decides to use her cat as the hostage. This resulted in Power attempting to knock Denji out and give his body to the Bat Devil who was hiding in the house all along. As Denji's blood was drained by the Bat Devil, Power then reveals that the story about the devil would be scared if it saw Power was fabricated so that she could retrieve her cat back while looking down at humans being foolish as one of them manage to fell into Power's lies. However, due to the horrific appetite that he was given, the Bat Devil decides to eat Nyako as a punishment for Power.

Seeing her cat being eaten, Power then reminisces about her good old days with Nyako before being eaten by the devil and then suddenly become empathizing with Denji's situation losing his pet, Pochita, after Pochita sacrificing himself to become Denji's heart. Because of this, Power decides to sacrifice herself by letting the bat devil eat her while the bat demon commenting how awful she tasted before flying to the city to find more predators as Denji clinged to the bat demon in order to save Power so that he could feel the breasts she had promised Denji to touch as he saved her pet cat.

It was all successful in the end as he manages to save Power and Nyako despite she attempt to kill Denji for her own selfish desire and as a result, she tries to give Denji her promise to touch her breasts in the end. After the fight with the Leech Devil, Makima arranged Power to stay at Aki and Denji's apartment while spending her time acting like a problem child much to their dismay. After Denji encounters Power in the toilet, she then lets Denji squeezes her breast three times with the first showing that she uses breast pads and the other two squeezes is with her real breasts but Denji was left disappointed after seemingly fulfilling his dreams while Power decides to stick around after Nyako is rescued and unable to escape from Makima despite seemingly denouncing herself from the Devil Hunter business.

Returning again in Chapter 13, she alongside the other members of Division 4 were tasked to retrieve an important artifact about the Gun Devil fragment located in Hotel Morin as a devil was hiding inside it. At one point, it was revealed that both Power and Denji pulled a mischievous prank which made Aki infuriated. Encountering a lump of flesh that looks like a head in the 8th Floor, both Power and one of the members of Division 4, Himeno, captures and kills the head. After Himeno revealing her power so easily towards Power, she then teases Himeno by attempting to kill another Division 4 member, Kobeni, in order to make a point. Fortunately, Power was stopped by Himeno's ghost hand ability by choking her, which resulted on her mumbling about eating her.

As they were trapped in the 8th Floor thanks to the Devil hiding inside it, Denji suspected that it was Power's fault to kill the lump of flesh which Power tries too hard to refute by saying it was Denji's idea to kill the lump of flesh. Seeing that Kobeni fell into despair after getting trapped in the 8th floor as they will going to die, Power laughed at Kobeni's misery until one of the members of Division 4, Arai, yells at Power to calm her down.

Encountering with the Devil whose body grown larger, the devil then offers the hunters to make a contract with him by killing Denji and giving his body towards him. Power was seemingly on-board with the idea so that she could escape and fulfill her selfish idea of winning the noble prize. However, Aki then reminded Power that she is unable to made a contract with another devil as Power is also a devil while also suggesting to not killing Denji much to Power's disappointment. Due to them being trapped in the 8th floor for so long, Power decides to eat all of the food the Division 4 members put on the bed while lying about it to save her own skin. After the Devil was defeated, Power then joins the other Devil Hunter members going to a certain bar in order to celebrate their victory with drinking.

In Chapter 23, as a gunshot was heart during the devil hunter's break in the ramen store, Power was oblivious about it and dismissed it as a sound of Taiko Box. However, she shows her heroic act when she attempts to treat Himeno well as she bleeds during the Devil Hunter's fight against Katana Man to the point Power suggested Aki to bring her to the hospital to no avail. In Chapter 29 however, it was revealed that Power ran away from the fight when the going gets tough while trying to justify her cowardice by saying she got hungry.

Due to how powerful Katana Man and his accomplice, Akane Sawatari, is, Makima then arranges both Denji and Power to be tutored by the strongest devil hunter, Kishibe, in order to whip them up into shape. Because they were kept brutally knocked out by Kishibe several times, Power then comes with an idea to beat Kishibe if he was drunk so that they could murder him and Denji was on board with Power's idea. With Power's ideas, Power attempts to attack Kishibe first by aiming a spear made by her blood to his head to no avail. However, in the end, both Power and Denji were successful in their training and was assigned to do a small scale raid in the Katana Man's headquarters.

As their small scale raid begins to capture Katana Man and Akane, Power ate one of the Zombies hands which disgusted Denji as Power retorted by saying pigs, lambs and humans are the same for being meat. During their fight against another wave of Zombies, Power ignores Denji's advice to not make a noise and then tries to finish the battle quickly in order to indulge in the bloodshed that ensues. After both Katana Man and Akane were defeated, it was revealed that Power grew another horns and punched Denji after waking up from his sleep as he was babbling about something. As Denji met with Makima, the latter then tells Denji about Power used to have her blood drained periodically in order to prevent her becoming worse in terms of appearance and personality and as a result, Makima then decides to swap Power's place with the Shark Devil, Beam, much to Denji's dismay.

Power makes a brief appearance in the end of the Bomb Devil arc to pick up Denji as Denji was waiting for Reze to come to the cafe until the night. Noticing the flowers Denji had bought, Power assumed that the flower is actually for her until Denji eats them much to Power's annoyance.

During the International Assassins arc, as Denji was protected by other Devil Hunters in a Burger cafe, Power attempts to get rid of the vegetables that she ate but was stopped by Kusakabe, giving her an advice about a well-balanced diet much to Power's anger as she threatens the Devil Hunters to turn the cafe into a sea of blood if she was given orders by humans. Annoyed, Denji decides to force her to eat it anyway which causes her nauseous while she ends up exiting the cafe.

It was revealed that the Devil Hunters themselves were using Denji as a bait to lure all of the assassins in order to finish defeat them and during Denji and Power's patrolling session, Power feels disappointed because she feel that she doesn't get a reward from all of this unlike Denji who got motivated to go to Enoshima and she wants to suck out all human blood until they die. As a result, Aki then arranges a reward for Power by letting her sucking Denji's blood much to Denji's dismay.

When Power saw Kobeni's new car during the Devil Hunter's meeting with the surviving Kyoto Devil Hunter who was ambushed by the assassins, Yutaro Kurose, Power then decides to ride Kobeni's new car because she was bored walking. As a result of her reckless driving, she accidentally killed said Devil Hunter which resulted in him being revealed to be one of the Three Brothers assassins that tried to kill Denji.

When Power and the rest of the people in the Department Store were being sent to hell thanks to another assassin, Santa Claus, all of them were unfortunately attracting the hostility of the Primal Devil, Darkness Devil, who manages to slaughter them including Power herself before being saved by Makima.

After the encounter with Darkness Devil during their trip to hell, Power becomes horrifically traumatized which resulted in Denji deciding to babysit her despite being a bit disappointed because he didn't go to a trip with Makima to Enoshima. When Power wants to apologize to Denji about the things that happened in the past by letting Denji drink her blood, Denji was reluctant at first but decided to do it to entertain Power despite in the end, Denji feels rather empty.

However, in next chapters, Power calms down a bit and acts like her older self at first when Denji and co. went into Hokkaido. Although it is stated by Aki that her behavior shaped a bit after going to Hokkaido. This was true as next chapters, Power was truly toned down a bit in terms of behavior. However, Power seemingly meets her end in Chapter 81 as she tries to bring Denji a birthday cake until Makima kills her with her psychic finger gun power in cold blood.

However, Power was then resurrected with the help of Pochita requesting Denji to be revived as he encountered her laying dormant in Denji's inner body as it was revealed he sucks some blood from her with Pochita offers her body to be eaten by Power to become stronger in which Power accepts, stating that Denji is her friend. After being resurrected, she then manages to impale Makima and her slaves as Makima retaliates as she attempts to attack her with the 100 years old weapon. However, Power manages to intercept her attack which causes Makima to be impaled again, gloating about how powerful she is compared to Makima. Furious, Makima then summons the Zombie Devil and zombifies her own slaves to attack Power as Makima also attacks her with her psychic finger gun power.

Surprised on seeing Power alive despite killing her mercilessly, Power instead attempts to took Chainsaw Man's body for herself in which Makima responded by shooting her again with her psychic finger gun power. As Makima then orders Power to hand over Chainsaw Man under the pretense that she won't kill her and becoming her pet, Power decides to betray the Chainsaw Man and then having his body being given to Makima under the pretense he captured him as Makima praises her deeds to do so much to Pochita's disappointment.

As Power decides to give the Chainsaw Man's body to Makima, Power then began reminiscing about the good times she had with Denji which causes her to rebel against Makima by attacking her as she attempts to run away, knowing that she won't win against her, while being attacked by the Zombies and the Devil Hunters controlled by Makima. The reason why she can't let Chainsaw Man die is because Denji is her first friend.

As Power reaches a nearby dumpster to hide from Makima and her army, Denji woke up from his consciousness from his Chainsaw Man form but at the same time, become pessimistic because he already got what he wanted in life to the point he claims that he's already done in life.

Despite this, Power decides to comfort him by giving him another purpose in life by making a contract with him, saying that he need to find the Blood Devil in Hell and befriend them as Power vanishes from existence while Denji woke up from the dumpster, nearly alone before meeting with Kishibe.



Initially, Power acts like a condescending jerk towards Denji, even quarreling with each other after she sometimes screws Denji several times as she tries to evade responsibility by by putting a blame on him. When she attempts to save her pet cat, Nyako, she has no hesitations on murdering Denji, even if it means to further her own goal to do so as she used him under the pretense that she would give him a reward by touching her breasts.

After being saved by Denji, she starts to mellow down a bit towards him even if she still acts like her older self as Denji had a problem taking care of her when she stays at both Aki and Denji's house or sometimes having a quarrel like brother or little sister. Despite this, her behavior suddenly took a shift after their trip to Hell during their encounter with the Darkness Devil as Power starts to get paranoid with Denji attempting to comforting her at times. Power attempts to repay Denji's kindness in the end by giving him a birthday cake to celebrate his birthday before tragedy occurs as Power was brutally killed by Makima in cold blood just to destroy Denji's life.


Of all the creatures in the series, Nyako the cat is the one that Power show an affinity with. Initially attempt to fatten the creature so that she could eat him, Power ends up forming a strong bond with Nyako before their happiness being cut short after meeting the bat-devil as the latter took Nyako as a hostage which causes her to become a Devil Hunter after being captured by Makima and has no choice but to cooperating with Bat Devil in order to save Nyako. When Nyako was eaten by the Bat Devil, Power then feels rather distraught about what happened, starting to empathizing with what Denji has gone through after losing Pochita. In the end, Power and Nyako was rescued by Denji as the two reunite with each other.

Aki Hayakawa



Power's boss. It was revealed that Makima captured Power so that she could make her a devil hunter. Despite Makima having a rather cordial relationship with Power, Makima has no hesitations to punish her if she decided to become uncontrollable. It was then revealed that Power herself was assigned to befriend Denji so that she could act as a little sister for him to build a relationship with until Makima sacrifice her in cold-blood for the maximum emotional impact that she will inflict towards Denji just to get what she wants: The Chainsaw Man himself that was sealed on Denji's heart.

Bat Devil

After Power build a close bonds with Nyako, the Devil itself appears nowhere and then took Nyako as a hostage so that he could recover himself after the humans severed his arm. As a result, Power herself acts as an unwilling conspirator towards the Bat Devil just to get Nyako back and when she already give him what he wants, the Bat Devil decides to betray her because the meal that she gave to her is in poor taste which resulted on Power regretting her actions conspiring with the devil in the first place until Denji turns tide to save both her cat and Power herself.

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