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Powereddark of the Mutation is the main antagonist in episode 13 of the 2010 TV series Tensou Sentai Goseiger. He is a longhorn beetle-themed alien who is working for the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar.

He is voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto, who later voiced Danganloid in Go-Busters, the Type Shadow in ToQgers and both the Halloween World and the Great Halloween World in Zenkaiger.


Powereddark was brought forth by Buredoran in hopes of impressing Mons Drake after the apparent death of Dereputa. When sent down, the Warstar Insect easily defeated the Goseiger with its Power Seeds copying all of their moves, only to become surprised and shocked when Gosei Red reveals he has the ability of Comprethunder, which he can't match and is easily shocked by the Goseiger with forcing him to escape.

After devising a Power Seed to match Comprethunder, Powereddark returns to Earth just as Eri completed her own Comprethunder training. While able to deflect Eri's new move, the determination of her and Alata empowers Comprethunder and allows for both to use the power simultaneously and strike.

However with the withstanding of the Comprethunder assault and a need of power while being assaulted relentlessly by Buredoran, Alata unexpectedly awakens a new power: the Mystic Brothers. Summoning it, the ostrich-like creature throws away Buredoran and kicks its egg at Powereddark destroying it easily.

After Buredoran grows the Warstar Insect, Gosei Great merges with the Mystic Brothers to form Mystic Gosei Great and easily defeats Powereddark with the Mystic Strike.


  • Powereddark's "seed adaptation" is similar to the power of the "Dark Overlord", an evil interstellar being who "seeds" itself inside a human scientist and takes him over, mutating him as his mind and power emerges from within.
  • Powereddark shares the same weapon and power copying ability with two monsters from Goseiger's predecessors: Gobies from Gingaman and Trinoid 18: Rakopiman from Abaranger.


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