Pramod Kadam is the main antagonist of Disney's 2016 live action film Dangal. He is a coach at the National Sports Academy who wants to get Geeta and Babita expelled.

He was portrayed by Girish Kulkarni.


At the Commonwealth Games, Geeta finds herself losing every match at the international level. Subsequently, Pramod coaxes her to compete in the 51 kg weight class from 55 kg. Frustrated, and persuaded by Babita, she tearfully makes peace with her father, who comes to Patiala with his nephew and begins coaching them secretly, using the same methods as when they were younger. Learning about this, and furious with Mahavir's interference, Pramod wants the girls expelled. The sports authority allow them to continue and bar Mahavir from entering the academy and the girls to go out. Determined to continue assisting his daughters, Mahavir obtains tapes of Geeta's previous unsuccessful bouts and coaches her by pointing out her errors over the phone.

At the Games, competing in the 55 kg class, Geeta eases her way into the final. Mahavir constantly contradicts her coach's instructions while sitting in the audience which she follows while disregarding the latter. Just before the gold medal bout, the jealous coach conspires to lock Mahavir in a closet. Geeta lags behind managing to win the first session while losing the second. Trailing 1–5 in the final session and nine seconds left, she recalls the tactical techniques taught by her father and a 5-pointer that despite being difficult was possible. Geeta executes it on her opponent in the final three seconds, taking the score to 6–5 in her favor, thus winning the session, and the bout 2–1. In the process, she becomes the first Indian female wrestler to win gold at the Games. Mahavir returns just in time to embrace his daughters, frustrating the coach's hopes of obtaining credit before the news media.


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