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The Predacons are a Decepticon combiner team with robotic animals as alt modes, and are able to combine into Predaking. They appear in the Generation One cartoon, where they were often involved with the Quintessons, sharing a rivalry with Sky Lynx, and the Marvel Comics, where they serve as elite hunters, and were rivals with the Dinobots. The group consists of:

  • Razorclaw
  • Divebomb
  • Headstrong
  • Rampage
  • Tantrum


UK exclusive stories are in italics.

Marvel's the Transformers

The Predacons were a group of hunters aligned with the Decepticons, but, serving in a somewhat mercenary role, were not necessarily loyal to the current leader. In Prey The Predacons were summoned to Earth by Megatron to aid him to dispatching the isolated Optimus Prime. The Predacons proved their skills, engaging in some target practice on Motormaster, and were approved by their leader. However, Shockwave apprached them with an offer to turn on Megatron and destroy him instead. Heading out with Megatron to hunt Optimus, the Predacons aided in ambushing him, but Prime proved to be a worthy match for them individually. Combining into Predaking, they chased him down, flushing Prime out. With Prime on his knees, in The Harder They Die, the Predacons used the opportunity to turn on Megatron, disarming him, and Megatron and Optimus fell into the space bridge, believed dead for some time.

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