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The Predaliens are a sub-species of Xenomorphs. They are the result of a facehugger impregnating a Predator. The Predators loathe the Predaliens and think of them as an insult to their species and an abomination. The best known Predalien is the Gunnison Predalien.


Predalien is a rare and unique caste as the result of Facehuggers infested Yautjas. Though appearance of known iterations vary, they displayed common traits derived from the host species; more robust and less skeletal than Warrior/Drone caste, dreadlock-like appendages on the head, less elongated skull, similar mandibles around the mouth, more barbed flail-like spear tail, and ability to produce similar vocalizations to the Yautjas. In addition of paler skin color than most other Xenomorphs, they stand taller than humans and Yautjas alike as well as possess greater physical strength than both aforementioned species. They also possess greater resistance to fire, giving them better advantage against enemies with heat-based weaponry than other castes.

Whereas Yautjas perceived Predaliens as the affront upon their kind, Xenomorph Queens valued the caste as among best defenders of her hive. In fact, during normal circumstances, a Queen would seek to infest any Yautja who dare to enter her territory with any means necessary as Predaliens' presence in her disposal would give her hive an advantage over such race, furthering the enmity between both races.

Two variants of the caste has been introduced so far; more common Warrior-type and Praetorian-type.


Warrior-type is the most common variant of the caste. Just as human-spawned Xenomorphs are physcially superior to their hosts, Predaliens are typically physically stronger than Yautja and it would require a highly experienced and well armed Yautja to be able to stand a chance. While both Warrior-type Predaliens and Xenomorph Warriors share the same role, the former are best described as heavy assault units as their longer limbs and tail enable them to inflict considerable damage to foes the latter had a hard time against. Though not as durable as Praetorian caste, Warrior-type Predaliens have better agility, able to jump, scale walls, and move through vents.

In addition of inheriting Yautjas' brute force incorporated into lightning-fast strikes typical to their kind's fighting style, another notable quirk of Warrior-type Predaliens is their robust and heat-resistant body. The Abomination was able to survive from being submerged into lava. Their LV-742 iteration in Aliens versus Predator: Extinction on the other hand, possess the ability to constantly secrete a flame retardant coating which absorbed heat, then evaporated, producing a flame-extinguishing cloud around them that heat-based weaponry and other attacks less effective against them.

LV-742 Warrior-type Predaliens' more dangerous quirk beside the aforementioned flame retardant secretions and regenerative healing factor to compensate lack of mesoskeleton however, is Predatory Growth Response where they molt into stronger version of themselves every time they survived a fight, sporting extra bony protuberances on their back as an indication of their overall power. There's no limit of how many times they grow stronger, making LV-742 Warrior-type Predaliens who survived multiple battles much more dangerous. This variant's chestbursters could benefit from the Cystic Acid of a Drone, and would be born with a toughness falling just short of a Praetorian if so. Lastly, they could inject acids through its mandibles when it bites its prey and foes alike to weaken them.

Not all Warrior-type Predaliens truly follows their integral role in their hive, as The Abomination was shown to be a loner, not interacting with its home Hive in any way whatsoever and hunting humans independently with no apparent higher goals or motive instead. It was even shown tearing its victims' spine not unlike Yautjas do albeit out of genetic memory or instinct-induced habit rather than pursuit of perceived honor.


A variant exclusive to Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. This type's appearance is same as Warrior-type at bases level, only differentiated by its queen-like crest found in Praetorian caste and even assumes leadership over their hive in the absence of Queen. Despite being interested in harvesting hosts as much as Queen caste, Praetorian-type Predalien has no total control over its brood until it molts into a true Queen, at times resorting to physically stop other Xenomorphs from attempting to kill potential hosts.

While it's unclear how good this variant able to counter heat-based weaponry and other attacks, Praetorian-type Predalien's most dangerous ability which foreshadowed its eventual growth into the true Queen is direct infection, able to implant partially developing chestbursters into the hosts' throats via. inner jaw. It's overall combat capabilities are just as dangerous as Warrior-type, as the one who laid waste upon Gunnison able to break the veteran Yautja Wolf's equipment in their final battle.


  • The Predalien is often erroneosly referred to as "hybrid" between the Xenomorph and Yautja. This is untrue; it is simply another strain of Xenomorph, just as Drones come from Humans and Runners come from animals. They are no more hybridized than any other type of Xenomorph.



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