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Presa is a member of the Chimeriad and an antagonist in the video game "Tales of Xillia".


Before the events of the game, she was abandoned by her parents when she was a little girl after being discovered by the government. When Presa and Alvin originally worked together, she fell in love with him, but it subsided when, according to her, Alvin "threw her away". She later was recruited into the Chimeriad. She took on the name of "Presa", forgetting that her real name was Jill.

Tales of Xillia

In the game, Presa cornered Milla, Jude, and Alvin while standing on a large rock. While questioning Milla about what she knows of the Lance of Kresnik, A rock octopus got in the way and made Presa fall into the water. Later, while Jude and the others were being chased by guards, Presa and Wingul got in their way and fought them. At Fezebel Marsh, she, Wingul, and Jiau fought everyone in an all-out battle.

Afterwards, Gilland and the Elympion Army started to invade the land with battleships and the Lance of Kresnik. Presa was seen with Gaius and Wingul bidding Jiao farewell before sacrificing himself in battle. She and the others fought some of Gilland's army off. A few hours later, she saw Agria stomping repeatedly on Jude and a soldier; she told her that it was useless if they were already knocked out. After helping Gaius and everyone else reclaim the castle, they decided to take out Gilland together on the E.S.S. Zenithra.

After the events of the invasion, Presa and Agria fought the party one last time at the Hollowmount. Due to some terrian collapsing, they both fell and died in the process.

On one side quest, Alvin received Presa's final letter from someone in Nia Kherra. It turned out that Presa really did care for him a lot in the end, leaving Alvin mourning about her death.


Presa had long white-blonde hair and grey eyes. She wore glasses, a blue one-piece, fishnets, blue gloves, and blue boots.


Presa was voiced by Rina Sato in Japanese and English dubbed by Ali Hillis.

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