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Homage to the rear temple is often more fervent than the other.
~ Curval preparing to sodomize one of his victims
Come back to papa's arms, he'll sing you another lullaby.
~ The President taunting Renata as she cries for her deceased mother.

President Curval is one of the four main characters of the novel is one of the four evil protagonists of the Marquis de Sade's infamous erotic horror-satire novel The 120 Days of Sodom, and the film Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, directed by the late Pier Paolo Pasolini. Dean of the company and the oldest and probably the most depraved of the four characters, Curval has a sadistic taste for torture, murder and sex, as well as having enriched with dishonest practices and unspeakable acts.

Curval takes part, along with three friends - The Duke of Blangis, the Bishop and The Banker Durcet - in a plan to capture and imprison several teenage boys and girls and subject them to every conceivable perversion and cruelty. Together with three friends, the President has signed an agreement to cement their friendship, organizing of marriages with the four daughters of men. Curval married Julie, daughter of the Duke, while Durcet to marry his daughter Adelaide.

Like the three companions, being protagonist of a novel and a film genre satirical, President Curval is to embody one of the four main forms of power: in his case, politics.

In Pasolini's film, he was portrayed by the late Aldo Valletti and voiced (always in Italian) by Marco Bellocchio.


The President is a man of skeletal and entirely repugnant marked by vice; with sunken eyes, hairy body completely and terribly dirty teeth that gives off a putrid stench: he is the image of his own morality. As he prefers women ruined by age and disease, a degeneration of the senses that makes it appear desirable that which is ugly. Although it is well equipped, has erection difficulties, because now nothing excites him much, because he is addicted to all forms of practice, however cruel it may be.


The President is cruel and sadistic, and has used in the past his position as a judge to condemn to death (on the basis of unfounded accusations) of the Lambs lower class to be able to abuse their wives and daughters. It has a strong preference for men; but it does not despise, if if the opportunity presents itself, the virgins. He is a big fan of anal sex is active (preferring to do so children no more than 13–14 years) and passive. (With which, in turn, it maintains an incestuous relationship. Obviously he feels even the slightest feeling for parental daughter, supplanted by hatred and atheism education and principles of libertinism (failed, because Adelaide is a very religious girl and devoted to God).


The Beginning

Being the film set in Italy in World War II, President is represented as belonging to fascism. And 'thin, weak and very rough, buff black humor, jokes and puns, and loves penetration painful for himself and for the objects of his desires. Is passionate anal sex, even when they have sex with women and girls, refusing to have vaginal intercourse with them.

Along with the three other men, they decide to marry each other daughters, though they have to be naked the whole time in the film. They found 4 boys to be the guards, and 4 boys to be the soldiers. Once they got their team, they managed to kidnap nine young men & women handpicked, in order to use them for their own pleasure. After they gathered their victims, three circles play out in which they torture them.

Circle of Manias

At the location for the torture, there are four middle aged ladies, which have been prostitutes during their years, which are collaborators of the men. They have the role of stimulating the four men, and give them ideas for their future acts. During the film, multiple times women are seen talking about their past stories, how they were sexualized when they we're kids. During breakfasts, the men's daughters enter the hall and serve them food. One of the studs pushes one of the daughters on the ground, and starts raping her in front of everyone. The President then gets aroused, and manages to get the stud to rape him instead of the daughter.

One of the prostitutes then uses a mannequin and shows the young captured men and women how to correctly jerk off the penis, one of the girls then tries to escape from here, but instead she gets her neck cut. One young male and young female victims known as Sergio and Renata get forcefully married in front of everyone. The marriage gets interrupted once Duke ends up sexualizing the young men, women and the prostitutes. Future on, the "married couple" gets forced into having sex with each other, once they start, the men move them away and rape them instead, while President gets behind one of them and joins the fun.

Another day, both male and female victims get forced naked to portray dogs. They end up getting fed like dogs, and one of the victims Lamberto refused being tortured like this, the Magistrate brutally whips him, while the President's daughter gets forced into eating a slice of food, which is filled of nails. She ends up eating the food, and screams as she bleeds out from her mouth.

Circle of Shit

Signora Maggi tells her story about her fetish on feces. At one point she goes on to explain that she killed her own mother, over a dispute, a young female victim Renata starts crying, because her own mother tried to save her from not becoming a sex-slave, but her mother got killed because of it. The Duke because of her tears, gets aroused over it, and starts to verbally abuse her. Duke then orders the guards and studs to get her naked, which they do. The Duke then furiously starts taking defecating on the floor, forcing the female to eat it from the floor with a spoon.

While the President gets aroused over it, goes into another room and starts masturbating. At the dinner, everyone gets presented with a meal of human feces. The four men, everyone at the dinner gets forced into eating the feces, and a lot of the victims then start to barf over the taste. Later on, the four men decide to pick the victim with the best ass-cheeks, a male young victim, Franco gets picked and they threatened to kill him because of it.

Circle of Blood

As the movie goes on, a wedding goes on, in which the studs and the leading men create a wedding between each other. The leading men become crossdressers and get into the marriage. While the victims are looking down silent, the men furiously tell them to laugh or do anything. Two of the prostitutes then start saying jokes to get them to laugh. After the wedding, the Bishop ends up having sex with his stud. The bishop leaves the room, and ends up finding information's from the victims about each others deeds against their rules, one of the young men tells how a young female has a hidden photograph, the young female tells how two other young females are having lesbian-sex, the two young females tell how a black servant girl and a man are having sex.

The four men become furious, finding them having sex in a hidden location. And they end up shooting both the black girl and the man. In the end, the alive victims are being called to pick which will get punished. The ones which have blue ribbons are being forced into a panful death, while the ones which haven't had the ribbons, if they keep working with them, will get free to go home. The picked victims get forced into going outside, where there are brutally raped, tortured and killed, with various methods such as hanging, scalping, burning and many others. One of the victims had it's eye cut out, while each 4 men go into torture, while one of them, stares at the actions.

The women which provided music for the men, saw what is going on outside, she became in shock and jumped off the window, killing her self. The ending scene consist of two young soldiers, seeing what have they contributed too, letting it all play along, as they hold each other, and start slowly dancing with each other, and one of the soldiers asks the other one, what is his girlfriends name, which is the final scene of the film.


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