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You were trying to put a gun in his hand and point it at my head. The gun is now in your hand, that is a practical difference, not a moral one. If you want me dead, then pull the trigger. It is not so easy when you have to do it yourself.
~ Dibala to Cameron.

President Dibala is the main antagonist in season six of the FOX/Universal medical drama House, M.D. Appearing as the titular main antagonist of the episode "The Tyrant" and a posthumous character throughout the remaining episodes.

He is the dictator of an unnamed African nation who is taken in for treatment at PPTH, only to be murdered by one of the staff members Dr. Robert Chase something which causes conflicted feelings within the latter and causes grave consequences for his personal life and relationships.

He was portrayed by James Earl Jones, who also voiced Darth Vader in Star Wars.


President Dibala is the dictator of an unnamed African country, who is controversial for oppressing the Setibi minority in his country. At the start of the episode, he is informed by his aide of a civil case being brought against him for human rights violations. The aide tells Dibala that they can simply ignore it, but Dibala begins vomiting blood and is taken to hospital.

As he is a guest of the UN and the United States government, Dr. Allison Cameron is forced to treat him despite her moral objections. Dibala claims to have been poisoned, but Dr. Foreman contradicts this and says it is malaria. However, Dr. Gregory House accuses him of rushing the diagnosis and suggests dioxin poisoning.

A man named Ruwe masquerading as a patient begs another doctor, Dr. Chase, not to treat Dibala. He describes an incident where one of Dibala's death squads came to his house and raped his wife, and tells Chase about a genocide being planned by Dibala against the Setibi. Chase apologises and leaves. Meanwhile, Dibala has a non-fatal heart attack.

Having ruled out dioxin poisoning, Dr. Foreman suggests that he may have contracted Lassa fever on a recent visit to Egypt. Dibala's men find a woman with Lassa fever and she is coerced into allowing them to take a blood sample with which to synthesise a treatment. However, Ruwe disguises himself as an orderly and tries to shoot Dibala. He fires one harmless shot before being subdued, but Chase notices that Dibala's eye is bloody. Ruwe is treated by Chase and reveals that he made up the story about his wife's rape: he was part of the death squad that raped the woman and cannot live with himself.

The bloody eye is discovered to have been caused by an enlarged lymph node, leading Foreman to believe that Dibala's illness is lymphoma. Meanwhile, Dibala thanks Chase for saving his life. Chase asks Dibala if he really is planning a genocide, to which Dibala replies by telling him about some of the evil things the rebels have done and blaming his human rights abuses on corrupt officials acting without his knowledge.

Cameron argues with Chase about whether she should have stopped Ruwe from killing Dibala. Lymphoma is ruled out, but the team soon discover that Dibala is suffering from memory loss. House believes Dibala to be suffering from scleroderma, but Foreman instead orders treatment for blastomycosis.

Dibala realises that Cameron told his aide not to trust him, and accuses her of trying to kill him. She injects him with what appears to be poison, but it turns out to be medication. Dibala then accuses her of being too weak to act on her beliefs. He is asked by Chase about the genocide that the death squads are carrying out, and tells him that he is merely defending his country.

Chase conducts a blood test and confirms that Dibala is suffering from scleroderma. They give him steroids to treat it, but this causes him to suffer multiple bleeds on his lungs and have another heart attack. The team defibrillate him, but he dies.

Later, Foreman discovers that Chase in fact took the blood sample from a dead scleroderma patient in the morgue so they would administer the wrong treatment, as he knew Dibala was suffering from blastomycosis and that he could kill him by administering the wrong medication.



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